Wedding Vendors Review Site: Wedding Gaga Network

There are many different review sites that provide services to review different things, contractors, products, cars, camera, books, and so on.

Today I found a special one that I have never seen before, the site is Wedding Gaga, who specializes in reviewing wedding vendors, rating wedding vendors.

Wedding Vendors Review and rating


Unlike other web site, this site is action oriented. They only review and cover professionals and companies who provides services to couples getting married. The categories are categoried by Wedding Catering, Wedding PhotographyWedding Cake, Wedding Gowns, Wedding Venues and more.

For each of the businesses, they allow the business to provide a business profile, such as Melissa Montgomery Photography in Vancouver. It has contact information and album. And as a review site, of course it allows past customer to review the business.

In my opinion, destination sites like these with a special purposes will be the new trend, it helps people to find reviews of products, people, businesses, and services with a goal.



new Business: Vancouver Wedding Blog

Lately I am working on a personal project =) and I am doing research on different things. I visit a wedding blog  (now you know what my project is about!) and find that it is very interesting.

It just look like a regular wedding blog, but what I like about it is it has more. Like every blog, it has a wedding directory(although it focus on Vancouver, but still helpful in research on styles). It also has unique wedding ideas, fun wedding fun, and a lot more.

well, just like it a lot and blog it quick.

have fun~


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