6 Reasons why Angie’s List Sucks? Continue Review on angieslist.com

The other day, I wrote Review on Angie’s list (angieslist.com) – Angie’s list is not what it claims to be? about my own validation on whether I can trust the local business reviews I found on Angie’s list a few months ago. The answer is not exactly. To be fair though, my sample size is very small (3-4 contractors) based on my personal experience, so either Angie’s luck ran out at me, or I am extremely unlucky.

I have asked my friend to show me around the site trying to check the site out, read other people’s complaints and reviews. My friend wasn’t happy with it either, so after getting disappointed by AL, he decided to cancel the services. And it was another nightmare for him, I am very very glad that I didn’t have to go through that.

I think there are quite a few fundamental problems with the business model and the usability of the site.

Major Problems with Angie’s List

  1. Angie’s List is not exactly on the consumer’s side as they advertise
  2. Angie’s List isn’t on contractor or business’s side either
  3. Asking consumer to pay money $$$$ to write an review.
  4. Aggressive sales and bad customer service
  5. Once you pay, nearly impossible to get refund
  6. The major one, I don’t trust the business

Angie’s List problem #1 : Angie’s List is not exactly on the consumer’s side

Angie’s list emphasizes that they are on the side of consumers. They verify all the reviews, and they don’t let Business to create fake reviews by asking their families and friends to write about them. Their own answer to this problem is to make consumers to pay to write a review. The theory is that if people have to pay to write a fake review, bogus reviews won’t get written. Families of any contractor can still pay to write fake glowing reviews, the cost is not significant compare the the goods they can fake for the bad business.

If you are writing a first review, what exactly you are doing is that  you are paying to do data entry for Angie’s list. To tell them about a new business, to tell them how to contact the business owner.

In addition, there are reviews that bad reviews by actual customers are not posted on Angie’s list. The consumers are chasing the Angie’s List customer service representatives about the missing bad reviews, but they were ignored. My guesses,  and not only mine, is that Angie’s list is holding off these negative reviews for high paying customers. I can’t verify it, but there is no sane explanations.

I love to hear more stories around this.

Angie’s List Problem #2: Angie’s list is not exactly on Business or Local Business’ side

So, if you are a customer, you need to pay to write a review for your favorite contractors, or local business. But what would happen after you do that? What would happen is a Sales person from Angie’s List’s famous Customer service department is going to contact the business and tell them that a new review is written about it. They will tell you that you should now go to Angie’s list, look at the review, and start advertising with them. With Angie’s list, you can pay hundreds to thousands (whatever the customer service rep says) to put your company rank higher than others.

Angie’s list says that they only allow companies that have a good rating to advertise, but what if a company that treats its consumer bad, but want to pay for advertisement, would they stop you? I highly doubt it. There are online comments reporting that Angie’s List customer service rep gets a high percentage of first year membership fee as commission, so make your own sane judgment.

This reminds me of my another post Business Review & Rating firm BBB CEO Resigns after “Pay for Play” scheme revealed.

And I believe this may contribute to some of the problems we saw in #1 that negative reviews are disappearing, because it may cause issues to acquire new business(money) from non advertising members.

So, what it appears that Angie’s list is on the business side before they sign up for their advertising.

So, let’s say, you fell for it, you paid for the advertising. Now pray that there is no negative reviews because now Angie’s list has no reasons to be on your side. They would proudly publish all negative reviews they received because you are already on hook. And if you dare to stop advertising, you never know how your rating would change based on new bad reviews because you just don’t know.

It may be no change, or it may be a dramatic drop because you are not one of the favorite business.

My advice, stay away and keep yourself clean.

Angie’s List problem #3: Asking consumer to pay money $$$$ to write reviews.

This is one of the most common complaints and WTF about Angie’s list. They want Consumers to pay them maybe over $100 if they want to recommend a good business to others! really, WTF.

Why would you do that? you really like that business that much? if so, why don’t you just tip the business with the $100 you pay Angie’s List and write a reference letter somewhere else, or a letter to the business?

And for people who is new to an area, why you have to pay to get some (IMO) not trustworthy reviews based on Problem #1 and Problem #2?

I have moved and lived in 5 cities in the last few years, I always have the problem looking for contractor. I have a lot of experience getting referrals, research online, reading business reviews and complaints to locate a good contractors. I have a lot of successes, but at times not too successful as well. I realize there are lots of flaws in all these review sites and system and determined to find out why and how they can be improved. Nevertheless, What I try to point out here is that there isn’t any points to pay and write a review, or even to get a review from others.

Going back to problem #1, Angie’s List claims that they charge for writing reviews to get rid of the spammers and fakers. Either it is a big fat money sucking excuse to charge uninformed consumers lots of money, or the Angie’s List executive team is plain stupid. I would love to hear back and see what Angie picks. If you see her, ask her for me:)

OK. I am over my head, lets go back 2000 steps. Now you say, what if they really mean it and get it work? So, say Angie’s List does everything they can do to kick out fake reviews, and all reviews are good ones. Does it worth it?

My big answer is still NO. why? Because you only pay for advice from professionals. You pay for doctor’s advices, Accountant’s advices, and laywer’s time. But not a layman like your Aunt or the 20 years old kid next door for a highly skilled professional work.

The reason we pay for professional advice is because these people are educated and experience to provide feedback, judgments that we don’t have.

Would you ask your neighbor about a mechanic referral and pay him/her $5 for a year for that advices? Hell no. if your neighbor asks for $100 for telling you that her hair stylist is first class, you would probably say FuXk off.

It is the same deal with the reviewers on the internet, their opinions are only valuable within proper context and background. I think enough said for this point.

Angie’s List problem #4: Aggressive sales and bad customer service

I hear this point from my 2 contractor sources as well as online comments after doing some research. I just find out that there is no shortage of negative reviews online about Angie’s List. It indicates that the negative views on Angie’s list are simple issues.

From my interviews of the contractors, the aggressive sales approach and strategy of Angie’s List Salespersons are the most annoying experience they ever had. These sales calls them, push them to do advertisement, if you say no, they will keep calling back and repeat the scripts. From point 2 above, one way to get into this mess is that one of your customers write a review for you. So you better learn to hate your customer glowing reviews because of Angie’s list.

In my observation, it seems that Angie’s list’s sales get a large chuck of every business’s first year advertising fee, and the sales are making peanuts unless they make a sales. This is just like all other businesses and I don’t blame them. However, my rule of thumb is, If  there is someone selling something very hard to you (super hard sell), it isn’t a very good product and stay away.

I Don’t see the genius in Apple store pushing me into the corner and try to make a sale. I don’t see Amazon Kindle sales department calling everyone to buy a kindle, but it still is the most popular product on Amazon.

I can’t say I can speak for everyone, but based on the facts and my experience,  Angie’s List isn’t good at least through Word of Mouth and that is extremely important for a service that is trying to capitalize on Word of Mouth.

I will continue updating this post later on the following points.

Angie’s List problem #5: Once you pay, nearly impossible to get refund

I really don’t want to spend much efforts on this points because the amount of feedback online regarding this point is so overwhelming. This is the most common complaint from consumer. Yes, you are entitled to pay $10 a month for the service only, but you have to keep your subscription for a year. That is $120 a year!

What you hear online is “Impossible to cancel”, “No online cancellation channel”.  People have been trying to cancel, sending email, calling customer services, but most of them have no luck. The renewal of the service is in the term of service.

so again, I am not going to spend more time on this topic, because it is a solid verdict online.

You can easily sign up and pay in 5 minutes, it will take you $X00 and months to cancel. Why do you want to get in in the first place?

Angie’s List problem #6: The major one, I don’t trust the business

Reason #6, simply I just don’t trust Angie’st List. I think the business model is flawed, because it doesn’t have good reasons to do a lot of things. All I see from the business model is money, money, and money. Not yours, or mine, but every consumers, businesses.

From A quote online:

A manager at Angie’s List told me that the CEO, Bill Osterle, told her that the company “is always for sale.” Maybe they should post an ad on Craig’s List.

Another Quote from a Former Angie’s List Employee:

He’ll sell out the company as soon as he can, but with all the revenue they generate and the $60 million in VC they have received in 2 years they cannot figure out how to turn a profit. They can’t sell a company that hemorrhages money millions of dollars at a time. It is bloated and operated poorly with a lot of waste.

The business model is not transparent enough, and a lot of harms has been done.

I think I will add more in the last two points when I have more energies, and feel it is worthy.

If you haven’t read my last review on Angie’s List, Don’t Miss it.

Part 1 – Review on Angie’s list (angieslist.com) – Angie’s list is not what it claims to be?

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  2. Hi, Brian. My name is Cas and I work for Angie’s List. Thank you for taking the time to post about what you think of our service. We appreciate the feedback. I’d like to clear up just a few points you’ve made.

    We understand our business model is unusual, considering all the free review services out there, but the membership fee (which is usually around $10, not $100) doesn’t just cover the ratings and reviews. We publish a monthly magazine, arrange exclusive member discounts and perks on everything from movie/amusement park/airline tickets to chocolates to shoes, offer mediation services between members and companies, and have a call center for members who prefer to not use Angieslist.com.

    We also invest heavily in protecting the integrity of our reviews. The payment isn’t the only way we weed out people trying to review their brother’s construction business or their aunt’s dental services (or their competition) and spammers, and we don’t require anyone to pay in order to leave us a review. By visiting http://www.angieslist.com/review, anyone can set up an account (which we’ll verify) and submit reviews on companies they’ve used, for free. We like our members to have ample information on a company or individual before they choose to hire.

    There are only three reasons Angie’s List would ever remove a review, and they’re listed here: http://www.angieslist.com/angieslist/visitor/faq.aspx#removereports We’re audited by an outside firm annually to ensure we’re doing exactly as we say and being fair.

    While we do allow A and B rated companies to advertise (typically in the form of a coupon), we revoke their advertising privileges and pull ads if their overall grade drops to a C or lower. We also have thousands of highly-rated companies who’ve never spent a nickel on advertising and still see the benefits of having great Angie’s List reviews.

    We do not require companies to pay in order to read reviews about their company. All companies are welcome to set up a free account on CompanyConnect (company.angieslist.com) where they can monitor what’s being said about them, respond to their reports, set up an alert so they’re notified of new reviews left on their company, update or edit their business information and read tips and news from Angie’s List. All free.

    You mentioned you had issues with usability. I’d be very interested in hearing more about that, since we’re always looking to improve. I’ll check back to see what you have to say about numbers 4, 5 and 6, but if you’d like to contact me directly, my e-mail is casandram@angieslist.com. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond.

    • sid says:

      I wouldn’t recommend Angie’s List to someone purely based on the difficulty I have had cancelling my account. AL didn’t have the reviews in the area that I was looking for, sure, but that’s not why I would strongly recommend AGAINST using Angie’s List.

      No, it’s the incredible lengths and difficulties you’ll have in CANCELLING the service if you find you don’t need or want the service any longer. First, there is no ‘cancel’ button or even an email alias. And then when you do jump through the hoops to cancel — they don’t cancel it and later won’t offer you a refund because they “no have record of previous communications!”

      As pointed out by the OP, they will happily sign you up in mere minutes but it takes an Act of Congress to get them to cancel your subscription.

      With regards to the service itself, my major complaint here is that it’s too limited. I signed up because I was looking for a contractor for a specific purpose. I did not find one. But perhaps I would have stayed signed up had I access to health professionals and other industries. Oh sure, they have reviews for Dentists, Doctors and such but guess what.. That’s an UPGRADE! Whatever. No thanks.

      • Pam says:

        I just experienced the same problem. I had an annual membership and had set my calendar to cancel it by this week if I wasn’t getting enough benefit from it. When I tried to cancel today through a “Live Chat” on the Contact Us tab, I got a sales pitch for another membership (at a discount), which I declined, at which time the rep told me that actually I had been automatically renewed for anothr year because I failed to cancel by the FIRST OF THE MONTH OF MY RENEWAL DATE. I cannot find this requirement anywhere nor did I receive any notice of the renewal; at which point I told her that I would be complaining on-line and to Groupon (where I purchased the membership in the first place). Only then did the rep agree to cancel the renewed membership and refund the new annual fee. Never again will I use Angie’s List-I needed an Angie’s List to complain about these tactics!

      • ben griffin says:

        I used to work for a electrical contractor that has up to this point received 4 straight super service awards. They used to send me out (2 years experience, 2 years away from taking the ma state exam) with a younger man who had never even picked up a hammer, never mind installed a electrical outlet. Rate that we were billed out at was $170 hour, I know because I made up the bill. Not only is this unethical but it is against the law. No apprentice is allowed to practice electrical work out of sight of a licensed electrician. Not only that they would have me resell used electrical products such as panels, circuit breakers, and lighting fixtures that we had taken out of other residencies. I was originally instructed to do a standard markup of 30% on all materials….. until it came to some… mark up on wire = 150% price on a used ac disconnect (normally $6 new at home depot) = $50, mark up of 4″ square + blank 190%. “We” the employees would come up with a budget for a job, never hard money…. If we ever finished early, before the budget was met we were instructed to “clean stuff up” because we had plenty of time left as long as the homeowner wasn’t home. I could go on for a while. I just wanted to let people know what a 4 time super service award winner was like behind closed doors

      • David says:

        How about this, problem #7 I am a small business owner, I have a ood reputation, and have been in business foe 12 years. Out of the blue I get an e=mail ftom Angies List. The header said I hsd recieved a review . I am not a subscriber, I always junk thier stuff, but this one was different. I went thru the process to see the review, free wow. It was a bad review from a crazy gustomer. Thier “idea” to counter=act this was to have all my good customers join and add thier reviews. The customers would have to pay to join then pay to leave reviews. Pretty much like blackmail. They can die a slow death without my money!!

      • Raymond says:

        I hear you Sid. I originally joined Angie’s list in order to search for a painting contractor in zip code 60030 (Northeast illinois) where I own a house to which I will be returning in a few weeks; I found one with good reviews and a neighbor is monitoring his work . I currently live in zip code 85257 and wanted to find a moving company so I upgraded for an extra $20 to include 85257; that over and above the $13.75 I paid for the one month trial membership for zip 60030. I was able to search for moving companies in 85257, but the were performed local moves only.

        I wrote a review on a medical practice in the 85257 vicinity which was posted and which I can locate under “My Reviews” but I can’t locate it when searching for medical providers in 85257; I would probably need to upgrade a second time. Sid, if your credit card acct is being charged,
        check it frequently and dispute any unauthorized charges.

      • Maybeedad says:

        What turned me off is Angies List collects your email address before telling you on the next page their services will cost you…..Talk about being unethical.. I’ll have to see if they spam me especially since I didn’t subscribe.

        I would also question just what kind negative reviews they could actually post since their always exists a possibility of slander type lawsuits.

      • Rob says:

        Try mybidspace.com, where it’s always free to list and bid on any project you can think of. We currently have a project to build a home in Chicago! We are only 2 weeks old and already have over 125 contractors registered. No project too big or too small. http://www.mybidspace.com

      • Janet Horne says:

        Why is it you can’t leave any pictures when writing a review? You used to be able so you could verify your review. Now you can’t until a later date. What’s up with that?

      • scott says:

        Here is a site where businesses can review customers. It is well done and very professional. Take a look at http://www.contractorscustomers.com. It is kind of like a “reverse Angie’s list”. I think you will find it helpful

      • scott says:

        Here is a website where businesses can review customers. Take a look at http://www.contractorscustomers.com. It is well done and professional. It is kind of like a “reverse Angie’s list”. I think it is valuable to most business owners. Thank you.

    • Kendal says:

      It should be a business that pays to join a list. Why anyone would pay someone for the privilege of writing a review is beyond me. Want to know about a business for free? Call or go to the Better Business Bureau. Don’t give ti to Angie, this whole scheme is backwards.

      • Joe says:

        I don’t know if you have heard, but the BBB is a scam as well. This info was all over the news, how companies pay to have negative info removed and an A+ rating applied.

      • tony lobianco says:

        Agree if you ever look at larger businesses that are bbb members they all have a tremendous amount of complaints against them but somehow retain there A rating.BBB sides with the company every time as long as they are paying members of the BBB.

    • di4559 says:

      You work for a company that allows a bad review from a customer that boldly lied, when angies list was emailed proof of this, they would not remove the review, you take the contractors money to advertise, yet, you allow lies to be be put on reviews, you make the contractor pay for being on the honor roll, you post the deadlines for when a service is to be done by, which shows just how unprofessional your company is, how can you put a deadline to service without notifying the contractor, and who is angies list to post a deadline to a service when they do not know the workload of the contractor, or the best time for service from the customer, that is solely between the contractor and the customer, you allow this to happen putting pressure on the contractor and the customer, then for icing on the cake you email them 30 days later asking how was the service when the contractor has not even done the job. Next time you do the meetings inform your boss you dont run a very stable business when it comes to contractor/customer relationships you already stock the boat with gunpowder before you light a fuse.

    • Well Cas, Angie’s List, Service Magic, Thumbtack and other sites like these are clogging up the pages that get businesses to connect with customers. No wonder that consumers go to Angie’s, Service and Thumbtack, because that is all you see when you look up any type of home service. This is called monopolization, and it should be illegal. Even for the company that is paying for their website, because these types of sites are paying even more money to get on the front page of Google these businesses suffer from sites like these, and then we start signing up to these sites, to no avail still have to pay. WTF, site like these should be put on the second page or placed on the pay-per-click side. You know that when I search for my website, http://www.crukustomworkz.net, as my site was on the first page, now its on the second page. I pay for my site, and it is so frustrating that my phone don’t ring because site like these are hogging the search engines. YOU ALL SHOULD BE BAND FROM GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO and the LIKES!

    • Russel says:

      FInd it very intresting that Angies List pushes Old Red English Bulldogs Kennel as a dog seller and kennel to use. Their owner is Kwame Winston who was convicted of dog fighting and sentenced to one year in jail. He also has a nice rap sheet for Felony convictions of drugs and illegal weapons. His alledged kennel is just a PO Box address and a web search of these names will show how he rips off the public. Guess just the right type of person Angies List considers “We also invest heavily in protecting the integrity of our reviews.” THis is not to mention other companies they list that Attorney Generals have gone after. When Angies list was contacted they stated they do not investigated companies self written information they submit after they pay to have it published. Maybe Cas needs to have her facts cleared up for her ?

    • Brent Duncan says:

      Why my customers must pay to have a review included in my “grade” is absolutely rediculous. I hate this service for that fact alone, but must continue services as people use it. 65% of my reviews are non-members, so my reviews are great on both sides, it just shows a third of them. FU AL.

    • “… but the membership fee (which is usually around $10, not $100)” <– that sounds like the membership price is not a fixed price, but varies for some reason, otherwise there would be no "usual" cases, which also implies there are some unusual ones as well.

      I thought this was an interesting take on the company: http://www.nbc12.com/story/22124763/12-investigates-angies-list-rankings

      Seems all is not what it is claimed to be.

      • Bill says:

        They have different membership rates for different areas. It seems that in some areas where they have a larger customer base, they charge more. Of course there are always discounts available.

    • Fernando says:

      how can you recommend a business if you had never used their services. that is BS…

    • Joblo says:

      Only an idiot would pay to read reviews.

    • Tex says:

      If you are a company please avoid posting your company information on Angieslist . Unethical people can badly review your business and make complete incorrect statements. For example a person can join and complain about your business even if they were not a member at time of service. . A person can demoralize your business and your only defense is to shut up and take it . Angieslist is in bed with the unethical person that pays them money . Beware and avoid this flawed system because it truly is a pay to play system.

    • Carpenter says:

      Cas, your lying through your teeth. I’ve been in construction over 35 years. I know BS when I hear it. In my area the contractors Angie’s list has hi reviews of are absolute rip-offs!
      Go work for an ethical company.
      That phony list needs to be put out of business. It’s a straight up fraud!

    • make a guess for your data mining says:

      So Angies List is like google and the like scronging up personal information to sell to the data miners!! I don’t join ANY clubs, discount cards, review orgs etc I’ll keep my information thank you very much. I can’t believe this is all just another scheme to collect personal data !!

      • Quinn says:

        I didn’t realize it was a pay-site until I joined– how about a little ‘transparency’ up front and not hiding that fact ?? When I saw it was a pay-site I backed out but they already had my email and I’ve received 3 solicitations in about 12 hours to join with a discount . Marked as SPAM.

    • Dave says:

      I received a notice from Angie’s list stating that someone had reviewed my business. Upon signing in and checking out the review, hard to do when you are not a member, i found that it was a not perfect review. I called Angie’s, they would not change anything. But they said I could make my average better if I got my happy customers to join and give me good reviews.
      That is blackmail, and fraud. I would never give Angie’s a good review or recommend to anybody to join.

      • Carrie says:

        We had a review where the customer reviewed the wrong company! She lived almost two hours away from us and only 12 minutes away from a company with a similar name. Supposedly they tried reaching her to verify the review but said she never responded. Even giving them a ton of evidence that she reviewed the wrong business they would still not remove the unfavorable review against us. They also pulled some nasty stunts when we cancelled…not cool at all!

    • Robert says:

      Any Scizio can subscribe to Angies List for a fee and use it as a Gun to the contractors head. Angies List does not publish a contractors opinion of the consumer nor how the consumer has ripped off a contractor using false/untrue statements nor does Angies List review any contract made by the consumer-contractor.
      Angies List is Desperate.

    • Terry says:

      Angie’s List is totally worthless. Ask your friends and neighbors about who has done good work for them. A contractor who lied to me was Randy Close of Artisan Extriors they stole, broke, ruined walls at my place in Texas. I am taking Randy Clouse to court, but he keeps moving, staying one steep ahead of the summons.

      • Bill says:

        Randy Couse is a crooked contractor. I am having to sue him. Do not do busness with scam artist Artisan Exteriors. Randy Clouse of Texas is a liar, cheat, thief, and dishonest low life.

      • Bill says:

        Edit to correct name: Randy Clouse is a crooked contractor. I am having to sue him. Do not do busness with scam artist Artisan Exteriors. Randy Clouse of Texas is a liar, cheat, thief, and dishonest low life.

    • Rob says:

      try http://www.mybidspace.com – it’s always free to list and bid on projects.

    • donttrust.com says:

      If I created a list of businesses ‘You can trust’ You would ask “Who are you and how do you know”? My answer: “because people told me” then : “how do they know IF the right thing was done or the materials they paid for was used”

      Get it – your site is ‘manipulation’ – WORTHLESS. Many of us saw through it at the first advertisement – but NOW we are spreading the word.

      ADVICE: START looking for a new Job!

    • Angel says:

      I would like to know how you know a review is truthful? I know of an instance that a review was made against a company by an individual claiming work was not done when in fact the work this individual claimed the company failed to do or work was shotty was done by a completely different company but yet he blamed the company who told him in the first place not to do it.This review hurt this company and this person continues to use Angies list complaint to slander this company. Here is the review I found is this how angie’s list handles disputes.
      The Reeder Group and Angie’s List

      August 9, 2014Concrete, Flower Mound, Gary Reeder, Landscaping, Lighting, Reeder Group

      From Angie’s List on July 2, 2014 after receiving an “F” grade in each and every category:

      “This provider has asked to be removed from Angie’s List. While we do not honor requests to remove a provider from the List, we do withhold unwilling participants from Category and Keyword requests.”

      The Reeder Group Landscaping and Concrete, Flower Mound, TX

    • modern Combat 5 says:

      Great information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
      I have book-marked it for later!

    • henry says:

      So I am listed AND I purchased a subscription for my small business. Every month or so they call to tell me that I won a super service award…I think every business gets one of those. To accept it costs money however. Angie’s list worked for the first year or so…until they realized that they need to be profitable…now it is the same as all the other advertising sites. pay to be displayed. I’m glad Angie’s list will not succeed, or I would have to offer a “free” Angie’s list account to all my customers in exchange for glowing reviews….like quite a few other service companies do around here. So now the only profit is from the blackmail that they perpetrate upon small business. To compete you have to ‘buy’ more reviews than your competition….and yes a GREAT percentage are purchased in one way or another.

    • Janet Horne says:

      How did the topic change? Friends of Angie bombard the board so we can’t read any negative reviews?
      I was a member of Angies List for about 4 years. Problem one is when I look something up such as daycare, many times Angies List has no list at all. They can’t locate businesses. I know they try to get their members to leave reviews as they have called and emailed me.
      Everything is fine as long a I leave a good review. If I leave some remarks so people know what to expect if they use the provider, my review is not there. Angies List will say, well, if someone clicks on your name, they can read it. Who the heck will look up my name??? Crazy!
      My reviews are truthful. I will even leave some A’s with a less than flattering review because there is usually one or two things that deserve an A. I always keep my reviews honest and have pictures to back everything up. I don’t blast the provider! Yet, my reviews are not posted for the public to view. Therefore, what am I not seeing when I need a provider especially since so few are listed.
      Angies List will bombard you with emails to review someone, but I found out that you are wasting your time if the review is not completely flattering. I told them not to renew my subscription. It is a complete waste of money.

  3. Do you always write this stuff, over you head.. Great article! Tell me more, let it come.. You are master. Laughing

  4. bill keiser says:

    I’ve had pretty good luck with AL for 7 years or so.
    But I just noticed that they padded our original $35 membership fee to $70 by adding their health providers, a separate service, with no notification.
    Extremely inappropriate.

  5. Rea says:

    Thank you for posting this article. I am one of the fools who fell for the Angie’s List Can’t Cancel Your Account Scam. They’ve been charging my credit card for months and I didn’t realize it until yesterday. I barely remember even going to that web site, but I did think my “subscription” was only for a single month. When I finally saw the monthly charge, I went to their web site to stop them from taking my money and there is no way to cancel the “membership” online. You can’t wipe out your credit card information, there is no “cancel my account” option.

    This is just shameful. If you make an online agreement, you ought to be able to cancel that agreement online. That’s just the lowest level of business ethics. If a company’s “unusual business model” includes continuing to take your money because they’re covering their ears and singing La La La when you ask them to stop taking your money, then that company sucks. Angie’s List sucks.

    “Hi, my name is X and I work for Angie’s List” is apparently employed to troll the web for criticism and respond in defence of the company. This defence shows up with just about every google hit for “How do I cancel my Angie’s List account” or “Angie’s List Sucks,” etc. I think that’s kinda creepy (imagine if your company paid someone to troll the web, looking for customer complaints). I guess that’s where my money has beeing going, to Hi’s salary. Gross.

    Good online businesses also notice when you haven’t been active and send an email – “Haven’t seen you for awhile!” – and title their emails “For Members of . . . ” Angie’s List has sent me emails but not that kind of email. The copious spam I’ve received made me rue the day I signed up . . . and that was BEFORE I realized they were still taking my unwitting donations to their company.

    It really makes me mad – and it will make you mad, too, if you ever sign up and then want to cancel. The advice I’ve found boils down to “Cancel your credit card.”

    This week, the company has found two large investors to give them 53.3 million dollars. I learned this online while trying to figure out how to cancel my account. My first reaction was “Who would invest in this predatory monster? Who would feed this ignoble beast?”

    Then I thought – oh! I would. I would feed that ignoble beast. I would, I did, and I still am.

    I undoubtedly made an unwise mouse click months and months ago. I take responsibility for that. But I’m not stupid – there is some good reason I thought I was signing up for a single month, and that reason doesn’t have anything to do with a good, healthy business model of high integrity.

    And what kind of person doesn’t notice a recurring monthly credit card charge until it’s been happening for months? I’ll tell you – a FOOL doesn’t notice. I’m an absolute fool for not noticing. That’s what scammers do – they find fools like me and they steal money from us. Then they make it really hard to stop them from stealing the money. The question they answer is not, “How can I provide an honest service to earn myself an honest dollar?” The question they answer is, “How can I make a lot of money from people’s foolishness?”

    That’s my experience. My advice is, don’t sign up for Angie’s List.

    • Kevin D. says:

      If you’re ever on “auto-billing” for anything and have difficulty canceling, simply call in your card as lost / stolen and get another one with a different number.

      In fact, I call in ALL of our credit cards as lost once per year – both wife’s and mine.

    • Eric Clark says:

      TY all for your negative postings. I happened to see an ad on TV for Angies list and it perked my interest. Went to the site but nowhere was a dollar amount advertised to join. So–for shi-‘s and Giggles I hit the “Join Now” button. They wanted my zip, e-mail and pass. But–still no dollar amount, Needless to say that’s where I left the page and never filled out anything. I went further into the web, came across Angi-‘s list sucks. The rest is history thanks to all your reviews. One reveiwer said, call the BBB. There’s a big “DUH” for all of us. Again–TY all.

      Here is something I think all of you can do ( feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Call or go to your local bank, give them your card # and put a BLOCK on that card for Angi-‘s list. Maybe then they’ll listen. I’d also report THEM to the BBB.

    • Dexter says:

      When Angie can read blue prints, run a crew to produce a major multi-facited project, maybe consider her…. “list”. This is one of the curses of the internet. Dexman’

    • michael says:

      Don’t sign up for Angie’s list. One has to wade though endless pages to cancel service. Additionally if you don’t find the right page they will automatically renew membership.

      • hack V2.0 says:

        If you would like to obtain much from this piece of writing
        then you have to apply such strategies to your won weblog.

    • pete says:

      No its creepy you allow to put ethics and honesty, before money and allow people to post false reviews, I like this site its like give your company of a small taste of it.

    • Rob says:

      try http://www.mybidspace.com – it’s always free to list and bid on projects.

  6. Nell Wall says:

    Thank you for saving me from AL! I saw AL advertised on TV and thought it sounded so sweet and helpful. I should have known- how could they afford a national TV commercial unless they are raking in millions? Thanks to you guys I realize it is a rip off to get your money to refer you to businesses just because they pay them to recommend them to fools who actually pay a monthly fee to see businesses you could look up in your phone directory for free! Thank you for doing this blog. May the dove of peace hover near you always, kind sir.

    • Amber says:

      I’m with Nell. This, and several other websites full of reviews warning potential customers about AL saved me from falling for their ads.

  7. jboyno says:

    Angie’s list is a joke, its amazing how they will allow an individual to make comments on a company without looking into the concerns they posted. Some people simply make comments that have no basis for the issues to begin with. There are people out there that believe the world owes them something for nothing and will complain if you don’t give them what they want.
    I cancelled my subscription and suggest you think twice before ever paying for anything they are selling.

    • Laura Cory says:

      I wish I’d read these reviews before I signed up yesterday. The site is cumbersome, not well-targeted, and overly-focused on promotions that I don’t want. I went online to cancel today, and there still is no way to cancel online. What kind of website won’t let you do that? They want you to write a letter, fax or call to cancel. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes to cancel, listening to Adam’s Family and Monkey’s music. Angie’s List is a HUGE joke.

      • Gabe says:

        I just cancelled sending them a fax. If you don’t have a fax, you can send it from any kinkos or similar. I complained to them because their “impartiality” is misleading. I talked to companies on Angie’s list and they say they do pay, and their advertising of Deals leads to reviews where bad reviews are filtered out. When I complained they send me a ready-made message referring to an independent review of their company, so it seems they get this complaint a lot and have a prepared answer for that. I had a bad experience and left a negative review. The company called me at home to try to bribe me into changing the review. When I didn’t react, they added a nasty commentary to my review completely distorting what happened and called me “a difficult customer”. I’ve read other commentaries from companies threatening with libel and defamation suits. It really is not worth anybody’s time and peace. Forget about “virtual neighborhoods”. We need to get back to talking to our real neighbors and get word by mouth recommendations. There are a lot of good, honest service companies out there who make business like that, and even if you are new to the neighborhood, it’s a great way of getting to know your neighbors by actually talking to them and asking them for recommendations. Angies List just lures you into a false sense of security and leaving reviews doesn’t do anything but cause trouble and steal your time. Besides, a company can have 20% of negative reviews and still show a “recent grade of A”. I wrote them about it and the answer I got back was “it’s just like grading in High School”. I don’t know what High School they went to, but if you do poorly in 20% of your tests, you don’t end up with an A.

  8. Mick says:

    Do what everyone else does, someone purchases a subscription and then sells or gives away the login/password to dozens, if not hundreds of people to use.

  9. Jay says:

    I’ve used them for plumbers, bodywork, car repair and other things, and I was very happy with the services I received. Would I like it to be cheaper? Sure. But I have saved way more than my fees in reduced stress.

    I’m not sure how you can write a review of something you’ve never tried.

    • joepar says:

      Well, I tried it and everything they say here is true. I thought I was signing up for one month, there was no way to cancel the service online, and the first company that was running a special for the service I was looking for turned out to have an expired license! Apparently it only takes one good review for a company to be listed on Angie’s list. I called and complained about the company and got my membership refunded and cancelled, but they weren’t very interested in what I had to say. And what kind of company that claims to be founded by an actual person who uses their name and face on all the ads makes that person completely inaccessible? I tried to provide feedback to Angie and there is no way to do this…even the White House has a way to provide feedback, even though you know that President doesn’t read all the messages.

      • Hi, joepar!
        We take all feedback seriously, so I’m sorry if you feel our representatives weren’t interested in what you had to say. We certainly try to make giving feedback (much of which is passed to Angie and/or department heads) as easy as possible. There are a few places on AngiesList.com to send in comments, including our contact forms: http://my.angieslist.com/angieslist/visitor/contactus.aspx?u=25

        You’re correct that it only takes one review to be rated on Angie’s List, but not all companies on the List are highly-rated. We help our members find who to hire and who to avoid, based on the amount of feedback we’ve received from other members of your community. If you have any additional questions on our service, I’m more than happy to help.

        Thanks for your comments!

        Cas from Angie’s List

      • Robert says:


        You are a total douchebag. You say that “we try to make providing feedback as easy as possible” and the you suggest that if we have feedback we should go to your generic “contact us” form, enter the information, and it’ll be directed to your executive team for review.

        How about you take a break from “Troll Duty” and copy and paste all off these responses into an email and send them to your executives yourself. That way, you can be sure that all of these issues will be communicated and then you guys can fix the issues.

        Nope. Instead you put the onus on the consumer to do it, because you know that either no one will go through the trouble, or, if they do take the time to respond, nobody ‘s gonna give it a second look. Clearly basedon the responses here, you guys are perceived as sleezebags when it comes to cancellations and refunds. Why don’t you just communicate that one issue to someone who can do something about it. Otherwise, get the fuck off these forums because you clearly have nothing to contribute, you corporate droid. Better yet, why not take that sock tie you’re wearing and go get a real job that allows you to sleep at night.

      • pete says:

        Yes but ask them how honest they are with customers reviews towards the contractors that pay triple of what a customer pays for advertising, also, they tell customers they cannot get refunded without giving you an f review and not telling the contractor prior to it, point being best reference is still word of mouth, I dont advertise with this company if you want to call it that, and if I get a call that they found me on angies list I wont service them.

    • Steven says:

      lol. Seriously??? Most people can smell this type of scam a mile away.. that’s how! How would you feel if someone told you, How do you know this is not a scam unless you tried it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2cZFNNwO7s I guess some people just weren’t born with common sense.

    • Eric Clark says:

      Ahhhh, but Jay. Many who wrote these replies are or were actual members. Maybe you’re one of the very few who hasn’t suffered—YET.

  10. envycake says:

    I’ve tried to use AL, but after reading their web site, I held off. And now after other people’s review on the web, including this one. I am sure I am the smart bunch.

  11. SKY KING says:

    Angies list Rules
    I am a painting contracter in San Antonio texas .I had to earn my rite to be on Angies List .Since being on Angies List with coupons .My buisness continues to grow .I have many reviews an work extra hard to keep these reviews AAAAA+++++. Sky King

    • nolan says:

      We paid al over 8000 dollars to al last year. Today they ask for 28000 dollars for the same 1 year service when we told the sales person that that was a 350% increase and how were we to explain the increase to al members which will have to bear the 350% increase to use our service, he just laugh! these people are scam artist and is a large heartless corporation. They should be investageted and i bet someome would be in jail. They think they. have all bases covered and think they can get by with anything . Shame on you hope Hicks you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dd says:

        if we look up this company in your state and your city . you,ll find out if they can really do business there and are paying there city taxes and state taxes. if no report to state Justus department of your state. all so this is not own by a women and is not a usa company. i ask all 50 states to report this company not being listed in each state and pay there taxes to are goverment.
        REGISTRATION DATE 07/16/2010
        285 LIBERTY ST NE
        SALEM OR 97301 USA
        1030 E WASHINGTON ST
        1030 E WASHINGTON ST

      • christian says:

        If this stiory is true then you need to make a you tube commercial about it. That is just way messed up charging a business that much money to be on a list! They are basically getting all the info of what income you are bringing in and then trying to act like mafioso and say “hey forgeta bout it…I want my cut our else”. Angies list is a corrupt mafia like company.

    • Steven says:

      Earn your right? From what I am reading here you buy your right. And painting? Even if you are Picasso I don’t know how you can please everyone. Painting is all asthetics and a lot of people don’t even know what they want themselves. Thumbs up to you if you can make AL work for you though. Whether you like it or not it’s here and if you can use it to your advantage.. good job. I see it as extortion though. They give away nothing for free but if you pay them they will help you. Sounds a lot like a protection racket to me.

    • I agree with you Sky Idiot I mean King,
      I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

      • pete says:

        Lmfao! My company never did this but hey it would work, goes to show angies list is about the dollar, not the consumer, and clearly does not check into it as much as the check in the bank, ive seen better heads on a flat beer, yes funny how every contractor angie hicks had sucked to the point she ran the neighborhood like a rabid avon lady to find the good from the wicked, its coming to an end, all you folks working for this company when it falls I’m sure when your new job application shows you worked for angies list, theyll always have room for you removing the smell of shit from planet earth.

  12. geodad says:

    I would strongly urge anyone considering a contractor NOT to solely rely on Angie’s List (or the BBB for that matter). Call the licensing bureau in your state and verify that your prospective contractor has a valid business license and is properly insured and bonded. Search their name on the web. Doing this would have saved us MAJOR headaches from a scamster/criminal who advertised his top Angie’s List rating yet had 5 figure judgments against him and a criminal record to boot.

    • joepar says:

      This was exactly my experience. If I try to use a service and the FIRST company that advertises there turns out to be a business with an expired license, then I have reason to suspect ALL the reviews on this website. And as you said, while a bad rating on the BBB is red flag, a good rating there shouldn’t always be trusted. Better to do your own research.

    • Good advice, geodad!

      We always suggest verifying the contractors (and doctors) you hire are appropriately licensed, insured and bonded to do the work. Licensing is a complicated issue, which varies by state, county and occasionally even city or neighborhood. Angie’s List does audit trade licensing status, but we do think it’s important to be certain and check with state and local bureaus before you hire. Angie has said in many interviews she feels the List to be part of the consumer’s hiring toolbox, but not the only resource.

      I’m sorry to hear about your headaches. Did you use Angie’s List to find your contractor, or was he just advertising his Angie’s List ratings? We’re always on the lookout for ne’er-do-wells using the Angie’s List name when they have no right.

      Additionally, I’d encourage you to look into the Angie’s List Complaint Resolution Service, where our team will try to mediate a situation with a contractor that’s gone sour.

      If you have any other questions, I’m happy to help.

      Thanks for your feedback,
      Cas from Angie’s List

      • Al Smith says:

        Cas, I think you’re wasting your time replying to these posts because clearly there are far greater significant issues with A.L. than you are either privy too, or that you are aware but not revealing/letting on to, or that you’re aware of but instead just sugar coating them and now trying to play nice.

        There are more people than not, that i have spoken to in my town at the local hardware stores that do not have good things to say about A.L Many of those I questioned feel they’ve been scammed. A number said they noticed too how many of the reviews for certain handymen, contractors, etc., sounded earily the same, as if all written by the same person.

        And when we tried as well to get help after we were scammed by a so-called stellar A.L. handyman, we too were ignored by A.L. Nobody wanted to listen and our phone calls went unanswered.

        An investigation into the workings of A.L. by some huge consumer watchdog org should be done bc something doestn’t feel right. I’ve always wondered, why wasn’t there some kind of fail-safe software, method, pathway – implemented into the verification by A.L. of the information people are posting in these so-called reviews, rather than your just “taking someone’s word” for the work based on their review. If the reviews are based on actual work, you have no way to directly prove this, nor can you verify whether the reviews are just coming from a contractor on your list writing his own to inflate his status by self-reviews.

        I’ll never promote or recommend A.L. But i bet the guy who ripped us off is still on A.L. probably writing his own reviews and posting them.

    • Steven says:

      Geodad has good advice. My sister hired a roofer from Craigslist. After paying 3000 to fix her roof she saved about 2000 dollars. Great deal huh? Um not so much. She left town and when she came back after it had rained,, Her ceiling collapsed. Walls swelled up.. water soaked into the flooring causeing the plywood underneath to swell and cracker her floor tiles and now the floor is all wavy from swollen spots. This was all caused by the shingles on the roof not being sealed properly by the air conditioner on the roof. She called the roofer and guess what.No answer. She could never find him again. It makes my head hurt to think about how much this is going to cost her. I know you are going to feel like a total jerk but when you get a contractor make sure he is insured before you hire him. If someone will not provide insurance immediately… Im sure they dont have it. Don’t give them time to go and get it. If they don’t have it they could go get a policy, show it to you then cancel. I have seen this before. Any contractor who is uninsured is your liability. Do you really want to be liable for someone elses incompetence?

      • Eric Clark says:

        Cas (if in fact that’s your real name). You sound like a Paid trouble shooter trying to put out fires (comments) by weeing on them. But–by the sounds of things, these little fires are beginning to become one hell of a WildFire. Maybe those who are dissatisfied with Angies List were to all start writing their states Attorney Generals. Then, when enough are received the AG’s office could or should do a full investigation. Just Sayin.

      • sandy says:

        By the way, Florida’s attorney general is Pam Bondi: PFC of the Attorney General, The Capitol PL-01, Tallahassee, FL 32399

  13. FAT Electric Inc. says:

    Al, I agree in what you are saying, I am a contractor and I have had my own problems with Angies list, the big one is they will allow their members to post reviews on a contractor who never even did work for them. I am a perfect example of this. I have two bad reviews and when I called to question it all I got was well if you sign up for a premium listing and get more people to write reviews then this will make those other reviews go away. I have been back and fourth with them in Email and since I will not sign up with them I was told that there is nothing they can do and I should contact the peole myself by leaving a reply on the Angies list web site.. I told them so I guess I can become a member and post negative things against my competition….. As far as I am concerned they are a GIANT rip off who never checks on any of the reviews and really do not care about the members or contractors just the money they are making.

    • Home Town Painters says:

      I have to agree with you the same thing is happening to me I had someone call me to install a door in an office building the door had to match the ones throughout the building solid oak doors and trim and wanted it done asap it took less an hour to cutout the door way then we had to order one that would fill the opening they didn’t have them in stock at the hardware store it took a week to get it in then I had it in and stained within 2 hrs. at this time a lady accrossed the hall had called the buildings owner and complained that the fumes were to strong the building owner called me and said to stop she had a complaint I told her I’m very sorry but the job was done and I then preceded to apologize to everybody in the buiding, later on I get a call from AL the guy that talked to me made it sound like someone was pleased with my work and wanted all my info so I called the lady that hired me and she didn’t know anything about AL so it made me curious so my wife signed up to see what was said well it was a bad review from the lady accrossed the hall that didn’t even hire me so I meet with a lady that works for the lady that hired me she told me that everyone was happy with the work I did so I told her about the the lady acrossed the hall and she got on AL signed up to give me a good review and low and behold its not posted I’m sure thay are waiting for me to call so they can charge me for an account I don’t even need. so I telling everyone not to trust this money scam careless heartless AL just waiting for there next victim if your just starting they will let anyone even if its not the person that hired you they can slander you and try and take the food right out of your childrens mouth. All I can say is I guarantee all my work if the customer is not happy then I will fix it. I have been painting and repairing for 21 years and never had one compliant from anybody that has hired me. Best of luck Home Town Painters

    • Steven says:

      FAT Electric Inc Yes I have seen this many times. You can try to hurt your competition by posting fake reviews all you want. I would not do this though. If I ran a business and lost my home due to loosing business over fake reviews, I would probably want to track the person down and shoot him in the back of the head on a dark night. Messing with peoples livelyhood is serious business. You may get rich but you may also get dead depending on who and how badly you hurt their business. I had a friend who kept getting his adds flagged on craigs list. I helped track him down. We subsequently called his cell phone and I’m sure he was very shocked about that. If he kept flagging I am sure his house would have eventually gotten firebombed or Something. It almost made my friend homeless.and he was on the verge of doing ssomething drastic.

  14. Lorrell says:

    As a business owner who received two false negative reviews from Angie’s List clients, I will never use Angies List or any other Group-Buy company’s services again. I offered a deal through Angie’s List over a year ago. Recently a client who never even contacted my company nor stepped foot through my doors gave me all Fs. His review claimed he’d called my business ‘many times’ and never received a call back. I am meticulous with taking notes, and responding to clients whether it be through email, by phone or via my website. This man never ever called me or left a voice-mail message or sent an email. He waited until his deal had expired (over a year and two weeks) then he contacted Angie’s List for a refund after unfairly and falsely bashing my business on the site. Angie’s List now wants me to ‘offer to resolve’ the issue, i.e. give the person a free service even though it is his fault he forgot to use his deal! I received next to nothing from the deal since AL required I offer a 50% discount plus they took out 50% of what remained as well as credit card fees! and waited until his ‘deal’ had expired one year later in order to request a refund). I know I have no recourse as a business owner. AL wants me to pay to advertise and resolve the client’s ‘issue’ in order to get the grade changed to an A or B! Unbelievable! The second negative review came from a woman who expected me to provide her services in her home! The deal was for a $45 massage at my business. She expected me to drive to her home (many miles away) and deliver the services for that price! Mind you, the deal’s language clearly stated that it was for services rendered at my place of business only! Did she really expect me to drive all those miles, lugging a table and other equipment for the truly paltry sum I received for that deal?! Unbelievable! She eventually scheduled an appointment and came to my business to receive the services. I noted that day that the woman appeared to be upset from the moment she stepped into my business. The frosty attitude dripping off of her was practically palpable. I guess she was intent on hating my business and services right from the start because she believed I had ‘falsely advertised’ my services. Four months after she received her services she graded me all Ds and did not provide a written review at all. Her grades contrasted greatly with the mostly As and few Bs my business had received up until that point. Since I have not intention of offering free services when it was clearly not my fault in either case, nor plan on being ‘shaken down’ by AL to advertise with them so that my grade improves, I guess I’ll live with the bad grade. It is appalling that lying clients with bad attitudes can be allowed to negatively impact a business’ reputation. These weren’t even my clients! They are clients of Angie’s List and are only after the next big discount! They couldn’t care less that they falsely accuse a small merchant just trying to survive in this economy!

    • William says:

      AL does no follow up investigation with any reports, they simply believe whatever a consumer says about a company. Many false reports and incorrect facts get shown as “what happened” and a business has no way to protect itself other than writing a responce to the report. A class action law suit should be brought against AL by all the companies damaged by fasle info on AL. Require clients to provide evidence and simple follow up investigation should be required by all complaints. This is what the BBB does. They assign someone to resolve the issue, not just post false information.

    • Ken says:

      Hi,I’m an investigative reporter – I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great. I would be happy to pass over to you the information I have collected from other people who have been seriously mistreated. Please email: ken101clarke@gmail.com. All the best

  15. doode bop says:

    your grammar is horrific!

  16. JT says:

    Angieslist does suck. It’s expensive for a service that should be provided for free. The best alternative right now to angieslist is a new site called friendcommended.com where you can see reviews from people you know rather than from unknowns. This alone is worth a lot more than anything the competitors have and it’s free !!

    It’s new so not much on there yet but like the others, it just takes time.

    • steven says:

      doode bop, Yours has a bit to be desired. Aren’t you supposed to capitalize the beginning of sentences. Since you are mister perfect and all.

  17. Max Bolen says:

    3 Years of Super Service award, now I’m not super because other companies
    are somehow fortunate enough to receive a suspicious quantity of reports.
    Had 23 “A”‘s, and then I get an “F” 7 months after the work completed, when I
    would have warrantied the work, gave him his money back, or made my customer
    happy at any expense over a 113.00 ticket, but he never called or complained
    verbally, he chose to do it on an Angies’list report where I can’t address his
    problem be it legitimate or perceived.
    Pay monthly to be on the front page, so now everyone can see we are no longer
    “SUPER” and apparently by our most recent report, we’ve gone to the dogs.
    Customer made subtle slanderous comment about our 26 year business, our
    location, and our viability……..and there ain’t nothin I can do about it.

    • Thats the other problem with AL. Some customers are not rational. If you offer a customer a warrenty and they choose not to contact you when a warrenty issue arrises how can they feel they are justified in making a bad report against you? How can AL which is supposed to want thier paying members to have sound information on businesses not have rules that members must give the contractors reasonable time to correct warrenty issues before making a complaint?! And when I hire subcontractors, what makes me most comfortable is not when they are perfect, but when they make an error and stand behind thier work and fix it! That is the mark of a good contractor!!! The ones that ‘dont make mistakes’…well I have a bridge i’d like to sell you if your interested! AL makes NO efforts to make sure that thier reporting system is as detailed as it needs to be in order to live up that famous claim of “Reviews you can trust”.

    • Sabrina says:

      Yes! Finally someone writes about injustice: gods among us cheats.

  18. chrystal026 says:

    I use the BBB,before I hire anyone!

  19. God says:

    Know before you buy:

    I’d be willing to buy a subscription on AL if they would give me even the slightest clue as to their ability to rate electricians in my area. They DON’T have to GIVE me any ratings, just make available how many companies are rated in the Reno area and the number of ratings received per company.


  20. Customer says:

    We picked a contractor from Angie’s list to repair some our dry-walls.
    He took 50% down ($200.00). When my husband ask him for further clarification, he told my husband that he no longer want to work for us and will return the 50% downpayment, but NEVER RETURNED the money.
    He did NOT answer out email and telephone call either.
    We wrote to Angie’s list NO reply either.

  21. Angieslist does suck. It’s expensive for a service that should be provided for free. The best alternative right now to angieslist is a new site called friendcommended.com where you can see reviews from people you know rather than from unknowns. This alone is worth a lot more than anything the competitors have and it’s free !!

    • steven says:

      This site is next to worthless. Only 5 adds in the classifieds and I searched for about 10 businesses in my area and none had results. The 5 adds by the way are thousands of miles away.

  22. Cliff Harmon says:

    Angies List, like so many other good ideas,has become a commercialised, greedy bunch of desperate managers and CSR’s that feed off their customers. I just cancelled my subscription because I was getting emails and paper mail, advertising the same companies that I have been hearing advertised on local radio. I don’t know about you, but I’m not inclined to pay for advertising that I, reclutantly, am subjected to on the radio. In addition, their reporting process is a joke. I recently used a moving company and wrote a very good review of them. I briefly saw the review on AL and the next time I looked, it had been replaced with something the moving company had obviously submitted themselves. In my opinion, AL is not worth the time or money. They are, if not outright crooks, at the very least incompetent. I wish I could duplicate here the mean spirited and arrogant responses I got from the AL “Chat” representative when I canceled my account online. FYI, and to their credit, the online “Chat” rep said that I would get a $10 credit, but I had to specifically ask. Haven’t actually gotten it yet so, we’ll see.

    • steven says:

      AL was never a good idea. There has to be a way to stop fraudulent slandering. AL has no way to do this. Never has. This alone makes the site completely and utterly useless for it’s intended purpose. What it does do is sucker a lot of people into giving them money. Obviously the only one who really benefits is the advertisers who all these suckers are directed to and AL itself. Gotta be a lot of suckers in this world to keep all them adds running!

    • Anoymous says:

      Hi All, Well I agree with you, about being greedy. I am a business owner and I have received reviews from my clients on the positive end. but yet I and they do not appear when someone who is seeking a Professinal Organizer. Due to the fact that my clients are NOT ANGIE’S List clients. But other so called Professionals in my catergory who have NO reviews appear under the seek! How the hell does that make any sense. Wouldn’t you want business people who have reviews to appear first, as they have more potential of having your customers or potential Angie’s list customers to join? They give me this stupid round about excuse that doesn’t make any sense of why my customers should join Angie’s List, they don’t need any of the obvious contractors that are there. I can’t force my clients to join them for God sake. It’s been a total waste of time..as a business owner

      • mike says:

        I am a business owner also and I agree with you As a business to get on top you have to pay . BUT YOU CAN NOT PAY TO ADVERTISE ON Angies List Thats BS they get 299.00 a month from me I call them and it is not working they if you don’t pay for 12 months we will sue you. A BIG RIP OFF

  23. I am a local business in Milwaukee that was told by Angies List that if I sent out the AL review forms to all my customers that those reviews would be made available to AL members. I spent a week tracking down all my customers that I could giving them the review forms and telling them to please make an honest review of my services. I knew that I was only promoting my business to AL members in doing so, but thought that after seeing those amazing commercials how AL has “Reviews you can trust” and “Before you hire anyone..” that my EXTREME EFFORTS and MANY HOURS OF MY TIME would be rewarded because my customers have been satisfied with my work and wanted AL members to know this! I finaly see one of the mailed in review forms that non-members are allowed to send in and the report was half of what the review form actually was. AL CLAIMS to care about thier members and wanting thier members (that pay a FEE) to know ALL the information that would be vaulable in determining whether or not to hire a contractor. HOWEVER THEY WITHHOLD FROM THIER MEMBERS THAT ARE PAYING THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE REVIEW FORM! The grading of “over all experience”, “price”, “QUALITY”, “Responsiveness”, “Punctuality”, “Professionalism”, and the MOST important part which is a question “Would you use this company/individual again in the future” are WITHHELD FROM PAYING ANGIES LIST MEMBERS! So if you are an AL PAYING MEMBER you are NOT being give all the information you need to know in order to make a sound decision in choosing who to hire!!!! Furthermore AL has falsely claimed to the BBB to be located in Milwaukee. They have a fake address in milwaukee and a fake number that just transfers to Indiana. When I asked AL about this they changed the subject as is with the question that I posed to Cass, “Isnt in your paying members best interest to know the entire review information of non-member reviews so that your paying members have all the information AL has on that company”. SHE CHANGED THE SUBJECT AND WOULD N O T ANSWER WITH YES OR NO. Once I noticed how the full reviews were not actually in the website for AL members to review and make sound decisions, I starting thinking about what was going on. I asked Cass, “Do you contact the non-members and aske them to become AL members”. She swiftly responded “No we only send them a confirmation email to verify the report. ****keep that in mind that they just send out an email. So I then pressed her more and asked “So your telling me that in no way shape or form that once you have my customers contact info that at no time does your company promote your membership to them?” She then buckled and said “Well that may or may not happen”.

    Things I see AL doing wrong:

    1. Intentionally using businesses to promote thier company yet witholding from thier paying members the review information that is collected and ‘verified’ from thier paying members.
    2. Falsely claiming to the wisconsin BBB to be located in milwaukee and having a milwaukee presence which AL would not answer to me on the phone about.
    3. ‘Verification’ of reports by simple email verification. This does not protect paying AL members! A simple email verification is the easiest thing to do! We do that for everything on the internet! BBB actually contacts all reporters by mail and or phone to verify authenticity of reports! Just as they will when I make my report against AL
    4. Allowing businesses to pay money to be seen in AL searches first before other businesses. Sure the commercial sais that “No business can pay to be on Angies List”, oh but thats not EXACTLY the FULL truth. While a business cant pay to have a profile on AL, (they are free!), they can pay AL lots of money to get better placement in certain types of searches.
    5. AL supervisors have been highly trained to avoid answering extremely imorportant questions that would show thier lack of commitment to getting thier paying members all information that AL has in its possession about a particular company being researched. In a court of law failure to answer such questions would be contempt of court. Its unfortunate that it would take AL supervisors to be in court to have to actually answer a simple question with a yes or no response.

    I challenge AL, Cass or anyone with that company to item by item DIRECTLY asnwer to my post here. You can also do the same with my BBB complaint that will be made within the week. I am already sure that any AL representative will NOT asnwer directly the charges I have made and will side step the issues as they have with me on the phone.

    I have invested a week of my time in trying to get my customers to send in review forms to AL, and have at the end of the week come to the realization that I was being used by AL to further thier business model which is appears to me to be soley generation of capitol for AL. I have also realized that AL is NOT a company that I myself will ever use for any purpose as a consumer seeing first hand how they withhold extremely vital information that is necessary for me to make a sound decision. And lastly I cant even trust that the reviews on the website are real or fake becuase AL only verifies non-member review forms with a simple email verification and even a company could pay for friends to sign up and the cost vs benefit ratio is highly in ther favor!

    My final comment on this topic is that I feel the same way after getting an advertisement that I have one money that all I have to do is pay someone to get my prize. While there may be legal premise to the business model of AL there are aspects of it that are highly questionable and potentially….

    • Steven says:

      ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! You can send out questionaires with only an email to verify authenticity? Maybe I should create 50 free e-mail accounts and fill them out myself “ehem! I mean mail them to my clients and ask them to fill them out for me honestly” HTF is this legal? I would think this is forgery, conspiracy, extortion and swindling at the very least…. Damn good scam though. Wish I thought of it. I’d be the one laughing at you suckers on the way to the bank. I’m extremely suspicious and untrusting of anyone, I see scams even where they don’t exist. You can’t sucker me but unfortunately, I lack the creativity to come up with these ingeniouos scams myself so I’m stuck working for a living….

    • squeezer here says:

      24 karat gold SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Michael says:

    One of the best scams that has come down the pike in a while is Angie’s List. The commercials that are constantly running on Cable Television are an out and out lie. What started as a grass root movement, or so the story goes, by Angie Hicks, is now a publicly held and traded mega corporation that is misleading both its subscribers, mainly homeowners, and contractors while simultaneously feeding from both troths.

    Angie’s List is one of the cleverest Ponzi Schemes perpetrated on consumers and honest contractors that has ever been pulled off in history. Here’s how it works.

    In the commercials Angie’s List claims the contractors do not have to pay any money to be listed. That’s a LIE! Last year my firm paid an annual fee of $6,000 to be a preferred member on Angie’s List.

    This year when it was time to renew our membership our Angie’s List representative informed us our annual fee for 2012 will be $33,000. When we inquired why there was a 400% increase in cost, (remember nobody pays to be on the list), we were told that membership had increased by 50%.

    How that justified them charging $33,000 didn’t really make sense. The ensuing events I’m quite sure you will find unbelievable, mindbogglingly, and just plain despicable.

    When we complained about the exurbanite fee it was then escalated to a manager, he then quickly, with no qualms, dropped the price to $25,000, and with minimal effort on our part then lowered the price to $22,000

    These are the precise sales tactics that Angie claims to protect consumers from, yet they practice daily. Since I wasn’t born yesterday I took over negotiations and after stating my case and disdain for their business ethics, they dropped the price to $12,000. Remember what the commercial says, Contractor’s don’t pay any fees to belong.

    Here comes the scam. Angie’s list runs a sale they call, “The Big Deal”. Here is how it works. They ask a contractor if they’d be willing to run a sale on a given project, for instance a roof job. Angie’s List advertises the project under “The Big Deal”, a discounted price is offered to people looking to take advantage of the sale that supposedly will only last a certain number of days. They even have a calendar and a time clock ticking down as to when the sales is over.

    People who purchase “The Big Deal” pay Angie’s List directly via credit card. Angie’s List then pays the contractor, but not after taking a percentage for themselves, in some cases their cut is 50%, but what we’ve learned is, EVERYTHING with Angie is negotiable.

    As far as the consumer and the contractor knows, once the clock times out the sale is over.


    Unbeknownst to the contractor Angie keeps running the sale for up to 6 months, because, what do they have to lose. Despite the fact this is an illegal practice, Angie allows people to purchase, “The Big Deal” long after it has expired. As unethical as this is, all Angie’s List cares about is making their percentage off any sales that were made. The contractor now looks like a fraud because they were told the “The Big Deal” would only run a set period of time, usually 14 days.

    The homeowner, who has put their trust in Angie’s List now wonders why a sale that was offered over a month ago is still able to be purchased, despite the fact the timer has clicked down to zero, that I have forgotten to mention, is no longer on the Website, yet during the alleged sale it is prominently displayed.

    As for them checking the reliability and tract record of any given company, their criteria is this simple, three people who have used the company must post a report. The veracity and origins of the alleged reports are neither verified by a third part or Angie’s List.

    So what appears to be a benevolent, consumer watchdog co-op is in reality a well-oiled, money making machine, whose only concern is their bottom line.

    I will say that Angie’s List is unbiased in that their motive is not to steer consumers to reliable contractors, which is deftly portrayed in their commercials, but to line their pockets and fleece both consumer and contractor alike.

    The internet is flooded with complaints just as I have listed, see for yourselves.

    Shame on you Angie Hicks, shame on you indeed.

    So when it comes to finding a reliable plumper, dentists, etc…do your research and don’t be duped by the appearance of corporate trickery, disguised as third party testimonials.

    MAD 2012 Caveat Emptor

    • Steven says:

      I’m wondering how much you make from Angie’s list customers… I just can’t imagine paying 12,000 for anything. Thats probably half my years income. I guess Angie’s list is like a religion. They sucker followers into paying them to belong. Then once you belong… you do what the preacher tells you to whether it’s best for you or not. I don’t use Angie’s list but a friend of mine uses Craig’s List and it’s full of it’s own horror stories. I used to have an account with Craig’s List, but after flagging a couple car dealers adds for saying this and that was free they locked my account. I guess if you pay to advertise, you are not only immune to negative feedback but anyone who give you negative feedback gets booted out. Not to mention you can blatantly lie lie lie… as long as you pay them. I could make another e-mail to give away my stuff I want to get rid of but I’m so over it. Anything I want to get rid of goes to the dumpster now. It’s a real shame that really poor people have to go without and my stuff is just getting wasted but I don’t want to ever deal with that company again. Just threw away a whole dumpster full of toys and clothes when my sister moved out of state. What a shame.

      • JaiMe says:

        umm really? you threw it away?! do you not have a goodwill or salvation army (or other donation shop) near where you live?? hard to believe. no newspaper you could run a cheap line listing in? if you are giving away stuff they may even give you a discount on an ad or run it for free…you never know till you ask. btw, if you are getting rid of things that actually are still in decent shape, you can even get a tax credit on donated items!

    • Ken says:

      I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List for an established outlet. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great. I Please email: ken101clarke@gmail.com. All the best

  25. rogerdblack says:

    Add to all this, you can only use Angie’s List in one region at a time. Say you rent a summer house, you get to pay another $30 (not $10).

    I called to cancel, but never got confirmation.

  26. Phil says:

    Great article, I am thinking about writing blog with a similar angle, however, what really pisses me off about AL is that they tell the public that ‘no company can pay to be on angie’s list’, and this to me is false advertising.

  27. Im thankful for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  28. Sonya Chavez says:

    Failing to facilitate promised refunds or not cancelling a membership upon request are both serious and possibly fraudulent issues. So is any payment padding as some of the posters have mentioned. You can file with the FTC or Peopleclaim.com to challenge an Angie’s List business review or to resolve a consumer dispute with their service.

    • Had never heard of peoplecalim before, just visited it and looks like a pretty great concept, especially in the case of dealing with Angie’s List, who is completely unresponsive and clearly couldn’t care less… at least until your willing to pay them.

  29. Great blog post.Really thank you! Cool.

  30. dee says:

    i am really amazed that this can be legal and keep happening. i know someone who works for a company that pays big money to be on there so when the commercials come on i just laugh and say what a crock! glad i found this post. as a person thinking of starting my own service company i will stay far away from the likes of angie and her minions. i really wonder if that person can really be happy about ripping off thousands of ppl. and please dont come on with your refuting comments cass. nobody is buying the crap you are selling!!!

  31. Steven says:

    This rating site seems to scream “scam scam scam” to me! I think about this. If I hired someone to do a job for me,,, would I write a review? Extremely unlikely. If they did a good job,,, I would think I got what I payed for! No reason to write reviews about that. Would I pay to tell others about it? Never! Now lets think about what would happen if the contractor or whatever didn’t live upto my expectations (I’m no expert that’s why I would hire him so I wouldn’t even know what proper expectations would be). Now I would be pissed off, I would be willing to pay, to cost them money. Spite is a compelling motivation. So as an honorable consumer my only reason to post a review would be to slander their business. Now with that said. What other reasons would I post reviews for…. To slander my competition,,, to place fake glowing reviews for myself and my friends,,, to harm businesses that didn’t do what I ask them to do. As a business owner with friends who own businesses, there is no end to the bs complaints I hear about. Craigslist is the worst. Speaking of reviews, I have a tooth ache. I placed an appointment with a dentist. While looking up their phone number I seen there were reviews on one of the search engines. I read the reviews and cancelled my appointment. It is entirely possible that the reviews are totally bogus, but I’m too scared to put my teeth and wallet on the line to find out. The reviews are totally unsubstantiated and the system is totally unfair, but after hours of searching, I can’t find one reliable resource on how to find a good dentist. Any organization that keeps records of complaints is being paid to do so by the dentists or won’t release findings due to possible slander lawsuits. One example of this problem is, how can you trust what people say about their dentists? Unless you have sophisticated equipment to look inside your own mouth, and x-ray vision…. how can you really know what’s going on inside your teeth. Yet there are endless complaints about dentists on the internet. I have had a severe toothache for a week. I was waiting for it to go away and it never did. I took one advil and its gone now. Is it an infection, do I need a filling, root canal, or what? I don’t even know what’s going on with my own teeth. How someone can say the know more than the dentist is beyond my comprehension, but I still cancelled my appointment because of it.

  32. Conor says:

    Don’t like Angieslist? Try Workpost powered by TrustGroups at http://www.workpost.com/ Recommend the pros you use and share with people who trust your opinion…Or, Trust other users on Workpost to access their referrals and recommendations from the people they Trust, just like Word-of-Mouth!

  33. AngiesListisAwful says:

    Horrible. Not sure if they’ve always been this way, but they won’t stop calling and emailing me for services I’ve never used, searched or sought. They send me these emails and call my home saying they want to “get reviewers for a service we think you’ve used recently.” Of course, so far, it’s been stupid, nonsensical services like “private concierge” and “organizer” that I would never consider using. When you try to tell them politely that you have never used the service and do not wish to be bothered again, they ask you if you would consider using the service, all under the guise of getting a “review”. If you ask to be removed from all mailings, they tell you they will, but continue to call. When you ask why you haven’t been removed, they tell you that maybe you don’t remember going back in and opting back into all the harassment. Absolutely horrible ethics.

  34. Sid Montgomery says:

    I’ve had issues with angies list, yelp and city search. I actually go to http://www.natcpb.org to get reviews on any business. I would recommend just taking a look at it and seeing if its for you..whether your the business owner or the consumer.

  35. frank says:

    Angieslist is a cheap version of the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General’s office. And Angieslist has the gall to make people pay for their junk. The BBB and the Attorney General are FREE to the public and they are far more accurate than Angieslist because they don’t accept fake “good” reviews written by businesses about themselves. All the BBB & Attorney General accept are complaints–real ones. And they actually follow up on them. They are not interested in reading the flowery reviews that businesses write about themselves.

    Angieslist claims that “CERTIFIED DATA COLLECTION PROCESS prevents companies from reporting on themselves or their competitors,” Their claim is a lie. Any company can sneak in by purchasing a membership, and then write outstanding reviews about themselves. While they are there, they can even write horrible reviews about competitors that don’t keep up with Angieslist reports.

    Since Angieslist’s primary interest is making money, they really don’t care if the business that is being ruined by the fake bad reviews is even aware of the destruction that is taking place. So they really don’t try to contact the businesses who have the fake bad reviews. It would cost Angie too much manpower, too many stamps, too much time, and too much money. However, if a company advertises with Angieslist, then Angie will surely contact them when anyone files a complaint. WAIT ONE COTTON PICKIN MINUTE! Angieslist claims that businesses don’t pay. Well, guess what? They can pay for advertising and get bumped up on the list.

    Angieslist is for the gullible.

  36. Tyler says:

    I agree with just using the BBB, there are other ways of protecting yourself from contractors (let’s face it… contractors and handymen are about 90% of AL business) like using safepact.com to hold the money before sending it to the contractor.

  37. Skeptical says:

    I came on here just to see if I would have to pay. I suppose my question was answered. So I figured I write my own review about your review. Well it was interesting I got the impression of someone who enjoys complaining and feels justified in doing so. It was also very confusing to understand your train of though. Still I thank you for answering my question. Bad or not I am not paying for something I could get for paying my Interenet bill.

  38. Andie says:

    I started using Angie’s List about two years ago when I was having trouble finding honest/competent/reliable contractors in my area. AL did help me find some really good service providers and AL coupons have saved me money. So there’s that. But there are issues with the site. For instance, last week I searched for top rated house cleaners near my home and the third result was for a company located on the other side of the continent. I sometimes get coupons (Angie’s List Big Deals) for companies that don’t come to my neighborhood. I could live with stuff like that if it wasn’t for what happened this week, when I was contacted by AL about a bad review I gave over a year ago, telling me the company had no record of dealing with me and requesting me to verify my review with dates, names, written evidence such as receipts, etc. Considering that my review was about a company I DIDN’T HIRE (made clear in the review), and it was over a year ago… no, I don’t have any further receipts or details, written proof, etc. It was someone who I didn’t hire and the review was based solely on the crappy estimator experience. And, by the way, I didn’t go on the site to write this review, AL called me last year to solicit this review over the phone. They wait over a year to ask me for specific names and dates, etc., for a company I didn’t hire, when I’m not likely to have/remember the info anymore. Pretty convenient. Why didn’t they require this at the time when I was still likely to have it? Let me put it to you this way: AL has never contacted me to ask for proof of any of my *good* reviews. But they want to scrutinize me about a bad review, which they solicited (not knowing it would be bad when they called me, obviously), and they’re doing this on behalf of the service provider… when I’m less likely to be able to meet their challenge. Ask yourself why the service provider waited so long? And ask yourself who AL is REALLY working for. Here’s the kicker: the day after I wrote back to them about this, the phone rang and it was an Angie’s List rep wanting to go over my recent coupon purchases. Then he switched to a hard sell about their service for rating healthcare providers. I started to ask him if that isn’t a separate subscription and he cut me off with, “No. What dentist do you go to.” Excuse me?? I told him I wasn’t giving out any healthcare info. So now Angie’s List is using hard sell telemarketer tactics on its members. Bottom line: AL is still a good resource for finding contractors and service providers, better than Yelp at least where I live, but do yourself a favor and don’t give bad reviews unless you want it to come back to haunt you, and don’t answer the phone when Angie’s List calls.

  39. Frank Gore says:

    Angie is no different than any other social system in which quality depends on the ethics of the participants. The problem is that ethics vary from zip code to zip code. Angie’s may be fine in some areas and terribly corrupt in others.

  40. JAck says:

    Its a scam. Contractors can make fake users to make excellent comments and recommendations to themselves. Anyone can see that! fools

  41. Theresa Wayne says:

    Angie’s list does not screen the companies they list. An AC company they list in Plano has felons and family right out of prison

  42. dontwant leaveit says:

    Thanks for the top 6 reviews about Angies List. I was going to go on there to find a good Home repair contractor, but immediately stopped at the beginning. Why would I pay to get a recommendation about any companies. Word of mouth is free…… Just ask around to trusted family and friends. My first and last time enlisting to Angies list…. Paying, never…..

  43. Daniel says:

    i know they aren’t everywhere but I use a new service in my area called YerBid.com
    It’s FREE first and foremost and I don’t have to browse or search for the business (half the time I’m not sure who im looking for exactly) I can post what I want in the category that best matches the job and it goes out to the pro’s on their site, they respond with the price and theres a review system from former users. The most important part is I’m not paying and I’m not calling 10 different businesses explaining the same thing over and over again.

  44. I have a serious problem with the Angie’s List operates. I am a contractor in the Indianapolis area. My company has been on AL since 2010. I have never had anything less than an A rating until recently. June 25th I recieved a anonomys email request for a quote from Angie’s list. The AL member requested a reply through the AL website if I was interested. I responded via the coded email back through AL. June 26th 2012 I recieved an email from Angie’s list stating that my responce to that potential member was delayed by an error in the AL website- & Angie’s list sent a message to that potential client explaining the problem and letting them know it wasn’t my fault. 3 weeks later I recieved an F review from that potential client for not responding to the estimate request. I contacted AL reps and forwarded their emails admitting fault. Angie’s List responded they could not and would not remove the F report, and told me to contact the member and ask if they would revise their review now in light of the facts. Not only did I receive my first F review, but also lost out on the opportunity to get the work. It is my opinion that Angie’s list is basically a gossip website- an open and anonymous forum for anyone to slander a good companies reputation without having to take responsibility. The businesses that receive the reviews are not anonymous, but the reviewers identities are highly guarded and concealed. Even if a company responds with a post to a review, if the name of the reviewer is mentioned in the text, Angie’s list omits their name or identifying information before allowing the response. The BBB does a much better job of verifying complaints and working to resolve the issue instead of allowing anonymous gossip. Angie’s List needs to change their business model to level the playing field. It is unfortunate a person can pour their heart and sole into his business and have the good reputation scarred by anyone that wants to without any responsibility for their comments.

  45. jjjjj says:

    I recently went on vaction and saw a t.v. commercial for AL. I thought wow that sounds like it could help our newly founded company grow. So when we got home I signed up as a business owner. But I made a couple spelling mistakes initially and decided to start over since the site wouldnt let me back tract to correct errors. When I tried to delete the mistake business, I found out AL does not allow deletion of anything. I thought this was really stupid, and sent them an email asking them to delete the wrong company info. They replied they merged the two companies into one and I could now edit the info. That was frustrating to me, but whatever. So I got curious about the company I had just joined and google reviews of AL.
    Was I in for a rude awakening, all bad, all across the board from both members and business owners. I did not realize I was about to be scammed. So I emailed AL telling them to delete my company, of course they replied they can not delete anything (seriously, and I dont even have any reviews cause I never finished the info requested) So I went in and just changed absolutely everything. What I mean is made up words, letters, numbers, replacing any and all information including email address. So hopefully they will have no way of contacting me further. It was the only way I could “delete” myself from their website.
    I am so thankful to everyone that has ever posted a review of AL and their horrible business practices.

  46. jerry says:

    The writing is on the wall. Earlier this week AL insiders were able to sell off stock they got when the comapny went public.. The stock value dropped like a ROCK! They know this scheme is going to crash soon.

    • George Wimmer says:

      My first post was only an example of one of the many problems I’ve had with Angie’s List. Their overall business model is flawed in my opinion. They basically force companies to play their game. Once your company is on the list if you don’t play their game you are slandered.

      • George Wimmer says:

        I spend over $3k per year with Angie’s list advertising to escalate my company to the top of the search results. It does work, although I think they are misleading the paid members. They give the members an impression that Al is on the side of the members and companies don’t pay to be on the list. I am not going to renew my advertising next year due to many problems I’ve had with Angie’s List this year. I other forms of advertising I’ve been using have generated a lot more solid leads. Seems like the leads that come from Al are always meticulous price shoppers that waste a lot of my time. Leads from other paid ads close better and seem to be more reasonable customers and not as picky.

  47. du2what says:

    As a former contractor, I was the object of many attempts to get me to join one of these types of scams. They are all the same. The business model is to protect your business or the consumer (it makes no difference what side of the fence they start on) for a modest fee they can help you expand your business or protect you from poor contractors. They then use this information to play both sides against the middle. There are many of them, and has been posted here earlier – if there is a charge for either the consumer or the vendor, the potential for abuse is too great to resist. As for Cas, sweetie – you have drank the Koolade. You really need to get another job. Let’s face it, we have all heard the horror stories about the bad contractor that charged thousands and did nothing or did it wrong (hmmm – maybe we could have a TV show about that and make money). These word of mouth nightmares are the basis for this scam.

    This business model has been around since the world oldest profession began. It is just that now they have access to a much wider audience. The upside is they do not last long. I would strongly recommend that you watch out for Andrew’s List or Angela’s List which will start shortly after this one folds. I find it funny that there is a reference here to AL getting an influx of new money and that now their advertising presence has grown to the point of annoying.

    Advice in this forum is pretty good. Any good contractor has a ready list of customers that you can contact to discuss his work. Any bad contractor has a list of relatives that you can contact to discuss his work. The BBB only deals in BAD REVIEWS, but it does give one pause. Ask for a copy of the company workers comp and liability insurance certificate and then call the insurance company. Finally, and this is a big one for roofers – in most states, the roofer is required to have a permit to do the work. Permit costs vary from state to state, but they are not an outrageous amount. If the contractor will not pull the permit (or asks you to do it), then he is hiding something. Run, run fast!

    Do whatever you think is prudent to protect yourself. I had customers place the funds with a lawyer in a trust type account. I had customers hire their own inspector (the did not trust the government inspector). The contractor always has the right to refuse the arrangement. One other thing I cannot stress enough, if you are having work done and it is expensive, take a vacation. Be home when the work is done. Ask lots of questions. Be a pest. Take pictures. It is your house and your money. Good contractors will not mind if the questions make sense and are not asked while the contractor is holding two bundles of shingles on their shoulder.

    I was a roofing contractor, so my prices were not cheap – especially when the price of roofing materials doubled in about a 12 month period. I always took a lot of pictures during a job so I could justify any changes or additions that were required. The 1/2 hour per job I spent taking these pictures saved me lots of time in useless discussions with some customers and gave them the proof and peace of mind that I was doing what I told them I would do. I never asked for money up front to do a roof. I did explain to my customers that I has to be paid within 7 days of completion so that I could pay my suppliers. There is always a 30 day float – a good contractor can purchase his materials and the supplier will give him “30 days same as cash”.

    Finally – and this for the roofing contractors out there. Listen to that little voice inside your head that says “Do NOT work for this person. Do NOT do this job.” They are NEVER going to be happy and they believe they can scam you into doing more that you agreed to do or getting a discount after the work is done by complaining about something that is not related to the work or service you performed. I never looked back when I refused to take a contract.

  48. C. Cline says:

    I concur with the original blog. We picked a moving company from the list with good reviews only to find the mover contracted the work out to a company with bad reviews. Angie’s advertising is false compared to the actual service provided. The provide no real security for the consumer.

  49. Sam W says:

    My friend actually wrote up a FAKE positive review about my business much to my dismay. We never even did business together.

  50. Mary says:

    Angie’s list does suck. They keep listing me as a Realtor at an agency where I have not worked for almost a year. I have repeatedly asked them to remove my name from that agency and they keep saying they can’t even though it is misinformation and wrong contact information for me. This makes me very angry. Does anyone know how I can get them to remove the listing using my name?

    • David Gibson says:

      I recently went on vaction and saw a t.v. commercial for AL. I thought wow that sounds like it could help our newly founded company grow. So when we got home I signed up as a business owner. But I made a couple spelling mistakes initially and decided to start over since the site wouldnt let me back tract to correct errors. When I tried to delete the mistake business, I found out AL does not allow deletion of anything. I thought this was really stupid, and sent them an email asking them to delete the wrong company info. They replied they merged the two companies into one and I could now edit the info. That was frustrating to me, but whatever. So I got curious about the company I had just joined and google reviews of AL.
      Was I in for a rude awakening, all bad, all across the board from both members and business owners. I did not realize I was about to be scammed. So I emailed AL telling them to delete my company, of course they replied they can not delete anything (seriously, and I dont even have any reviews cause I never finished the info requested) So I went in and just changed absolutely everything. What I mean is made up words, letters, numbers, replacing any and all information including email address. So hopefully they will have no way of contacting me further. It was the only way I could “delete” myself from their website.
      I am so thankful to everyone that has ever posted a review of AL and their horrible business practices.

  51. robert perez says:

    Thank you for telling it like it is im a small transmission shop owner in a small town working off of word of mouth only and was looking to grow a little possibly by using angies list not a chance to use that now im glad i didnt waste my money
    robert perez
    top notch transmissions

  52. Mike Armocida says:

    I just joined and cancelled five minutes later. I joined with the best of intentions but found that the site was aggressive and cumbersome and the reviews were useless. In fact, the free reviews on Google are more useful (and there’s more of them). Most Angie’s list companies have 0 – 5 reviews posted (except for the ones that advertise wit them – coincidence(?)). Additionally, everybody is rated either an A or B. What happens to the C, D, Fs? I called to cancel, and that was pretty easy. The customer service rep kept trying to get me to stay but he said he did cancel it and issue a refund (which I am now doubting after reading all the posts on this blog. I guess I’ll wait and see if it goes back to my card). I asked him how they can keep someone from rating their own business, their brother’s business, or a friends business and the only answer he had was that it was against their policy but there was no mechanism to see who was doing the rating (other than it having to be someone that signed up). I even told him that I owned a business and challenged him to find the name of my business – he couldn’t. So, if I wanted I could easily post a positive review for my own business.

    Basically, this service is useless. It’s subpar to sites like Yelp and Google ratings but, unlike those sites, they want you to pay for the information (which is far less useful and less plentiful than the free sites).

  53. I have years of experience with Angie’s List as a local plumber in Seattle. Any contractor listing you see is only visible to you if the contractor is paying Angie’s List through the nose. My cost for Angie’s List “hot leads” was $300 each. Testing Angie’s List cost me $7000 over two years. While paying such high costs for leads may work for a major construction project , it won’t work for a service call where we charge by the 1/4 hour.

    My solution was to put up a free local business directory with the policy of no shills, no fake listings, no paid advertising just so my neighbors and the local small businesses here in Seattle could find each other. (www.SeattleOnly.com). It may take a while for the new directory to get any real traffic as it is dependent upon local participation by local businesses and consumers (it’s free).

    I am putting together a local co-operative group of plumbing companies here in Seattle to share local costs and maintain integrity of the local business listings. That’s the best idea I could come up with.

    In my opinion, it is time for both local business and consumers to get control over how we find our services and customers as the marketers are hijacking the business to consumer relationship and forcing costs so high that nobody can bear the costs.

    Question: Why should we need out-of-state corporations to connect homeowners to services down the street? Surely there is a simple, inexpensive way for us to know our neighbors and small businesses. We all need to put a little thought and effort in that direction.

  54. timbo says:

    I LOATH the ads on TV – ‘I have Angie on speed dial’ – wish I did, so I could tell this horror of a human being what I think of the deplorable service she started. The company is so obviously a scam from start to finish, and the idea of getting consumers to actually pay to provide a review is ludicrous! As for the tales on here about how much business owner’s are being creamed – that hardly comes as a surprise.

    You’d think my wife would know better when it comes to organizations like Angie’s List, but no, she vaguely followed a friend’s recommendation a few years ago and used AL to find a pool cleaner capable of giving the pool in our newly acquired home a much-needed acid wash. She eventually agreed to take on the services of one particularly guy with glowing reviews, yet when this guy turned up he proved to be this glib self-involved jerk with some friend in tow who he’d obviously subbed the work out to. Still hanging on to the reviews from AL, my wife thought ‘okay, maybe he just doesn’t present well but still provides a good service’ so agreed to let them do the work, only to find that the friend not only did a crap job, pouring acid down the pool sides rather than properly spraying it, but left the pool pump on its timer despite the pool being empty, resulting in the pump lining getting burned when the pump came on without any water to lubricate it. When my wife called the business owner to complain, he tried blustering his way out of it, then claimed he’d send his ‘master plumber’ out the next day – needless to say no one ever showed up. Amongst other measures my wife took over the matter was to try and get on Angie’s list to file a complaint about this business – only to discover she’d have to pay for the privilege! So let’s get this right – the company wants to bill itself as a consumer watchdog, a service you can trust to ensure you don’t get burned by lousy business operators, yet you not only get badly singed through trusting its reviews, but have to pay to try and warn others? Yeah right!

    Angie’s List is a major law suit waiting to happen, and they’ll either get nailed eventually by a class action or by a state attorney stepping in.

  55. di4559 says:

    I am a contractor on angies list, i do not pay for reviews,but, i will tell you that they do allow posts to be put up even when a customer has without doubt lied on a contractor, been there, showed them positive proof and they still allowed the review to be posted, they tell you you made the honor roll, then want to charge you a arm and a leg to publish it in there magazine, if my son gets the honor roll do we have to pay for it nope, i think they are over rated, you ask them questions they beat around the bush, they can harm a good company by there behind the door meetings and the contractor i feel is not treated fairly at all, i could care less about angies list………..PERIOD.

    • tom says:

      These shitheads sent me a letter stating I needed to remove any mention of the award they gave me the year before and I complied. Then, if that wasn’t good enough for these Nazi’s, they demanded I sign a letter admitting my grave error and that it wouldn’t happen again! Fuck you! Now, they have a note on my business that I’m banned for violating practices – not telling the truth to customers that these fuck heads are out of control and all I did was refuse an outrageous request. I deleted any reference to the fuck wads and still that wasn’t good enough for the shit heads. May they burn in hell! I pray evil descends into their lives – they deserve it!

      • George says:

        I have been getting the same letters and notices that i violated their advertising rules by displaying the ad i won last year and this current year. They also made me go back on all my blogs and facebook fan page and retroactively remove all press releases, pictures of my trucks with the old super service awards on them, and any mention of previous years awards. They gave me approval earlier in the year, but then changed their mind. When i argued that they gave me special permission in some cases, and then again changed their mind later and forced me to remove things. I spend about $250 a month with Angies list advertising. Never again. They have been harrasing me for months and also want me to sign the same letter. This organization is out of control. They wont see a dime of my hard earned money again. I have all A reports with AL and the BBB- never had a bad one in 4 years and no complaints- only complaints i constantly get is from Angies List “brand enforcement”. They take a lot of my time and money. I will never give them a dime again. I also told them i was going to file a complaint with the BBB for unfair advertising and business practices. When i looked at Angies List on the BBB website i wasnt suprised to see they have hundreds of similar complaints againsts them and also law suits.

  56. Linda says:

    Hi, I am a self employed window covering contractor. I contracted to advertise with angies list for 1 year. My angies list advertising account manager called to @ least six times to encourage me to ask my clients to rate me. I could not understand why I would pay for advertising and then be required to promote anglies list. My years contract was up in September and my account manager called and give me a new advertising price that was 3 times the amount of my original contract. Yes, three times the amount. I think that if a business does not generate new clients or revenue for angies list they increase the cost of advertising. I have been self employed for 35 years and it is not “normal” business practice to increase advertising by 300%. Looks like they are playing everyone. The only thing angies list cares about is generating revenue.

  57. Cindy says:


  58. sheils says:

    Do not waste your money. I joined trying to find a kitchen remolder in my area
    Believe me I am an average wage earner

  59. Sandy says:

    Please note than when you rate a contractor they get a copy of what you said about them with your name on it even if they are not a member. This was very dangerous to me as they guy knew where I live and came to my house in a rage. I had to retract my comments as not to be killed by this guy. VERY DANGEROUS!!! I know they send a copy to the business because someone rated me as a business owner and I received a copy of it in the mail 4 times so far. It only shows the first line of the comment and if I want to read the rest I have to sign up for the service. I however was already a member as an individual and not a business, so I was able to read the whole review. I dare not respond because then I have to pay $400. per month to be business member. Quite the scam as nobody will dare leave a bad review after the business reads their comment and calls them on it. All good reviews…

  60. AL Customer says:

    I will let you know as a business that there is a loophole within AngiesList. Evidently, we had a disagreement with a former employee. They joined Angieslist, trashed the hell out of us pretending work had been done, then quit Angieslist. I have argued with all levels of Angieslist Management and they still claim that they have high quality control standards and refuse to remove a Fake review from their site. Thus, instead of having an A rating, we have a B rating because of a Fake review from a former employee. Hence, we decided to cancel AngielsList as a lead source.

    I just refuse to deal with an unethical company that is ONLY interested in taking our money.

    And, every year their renewel doubles in price. So, it was time anyways.

    • christian says:

      Hey if you offer them more money they will remove the bad review and probably re-write your customers other reviews and make them sound even better! Just call them up and ask them how much it cost! 😉 lol

  61. supercellteam@yahoo.com says:

    Why not use KeoPost instead? It’s free and has a ratings system as well http://www.keopost.com

  62. Toni Pacini says:

    I signed up and paid 26.00 for the privilege to do so, fifteen minutes ago.
    I just moved to Vegas from CA.
    I especially wanted multiple reviews on local hair cut/color stylist and primary physicians.
    The majority of the “limited” hair salons that came up had one or “0” reviews!
    The primary physician search I did yielded nothing, not one doctor, not one review!
    I HAVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES, after-all…I wrote this on hold.
    Before I chose to send this email, I tried to write a review on AL, I was not allowed to do so.
    How can an advocate for open review and transparency deny her customers the right to review her.
    JOSH, your representative just answered.
    He informed me that I am not signed up for the physician list????
    I thought this was Angie’s List not Angie’s List(s)?
    He offered to add that at no additional charge, but I told him I was unhappy with the whole experience, beginning with being charged to use the service.
    First I chose one month at $3.00, to try the site out, but you were going to charge me an additional $10.00 if I chose a month!!!
    So…I chose a year and after wards discovered that my account would automatically renew each year. I do not like that at all.
    Then…well you know the rest. Hairstylist had 1 or no reviews and I could not check out the doctors.
    Josh offered to ALLOW me to write a review for AL, I declined.
    I should be able to do that on AL, not through your employee.
    I am very disappointed.

  63. Jim Grotto says:

    Angies list is a idea about only one thing, making money for them self!

    I have built and run a profitable swimming pool store from scratch that is 30 years old. In that 30 years I have worked for people that are unreasonable, insulting, argumentitive, and unsatisfiable no matter what you do to please them.
    It is not fair for a company “Angies list” to allow people to bash a company or service, without giving the company equal time to bash back.

    There are two sides to every complaint, and to every story.
    Angies list found a way to make money on the internet with out doing a damn thing except take money from people.

    Its not ethical to charge people to argue. That is what angies list does.

  64. Markus Micheals says:
  65. I always enjoy reading a negative reviews on angies list, especially one called jc plumbing in bentonville ar. I read like 13 bad reviews on this idiot a few nights ago and wanted to read some to my wife, but poof!!!! Theyre gone??!!??!! Hmmmm…
    Perhaps Angies List is fake.

    • christian says:

      He paid AL probably…..

      • I agree with you,

        I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

  66. kirk giordano says:

    Hello there folks,
    How many folks are having issues with Angies list referral services?
    On or about a year ago today a representative solicited a call to me for a three month trial to Angies list referral service. Although I thanked him for his time and informed him my sons do my advertising on line as they are both web designers, he still persisted saying what have you to lose, he said please give us an opportunity for three months to earn your trust, if you are not 100 percent satisfied simply cancel. He was pushy but courteous and polite, so I agreed.
    After the three months I inform an Angies list rep by phone I wished to cancel their services. They said that hated to see go and that the fella who contacted me was no longer with them however they would honor his commitment. It has been over a year with a minimum of 5 phone calls to Angie list representative along with at least 4 managers all of whom have assured me that my listing and billings would be canceled.
    Angies list continued to bill me through my Visa credit card. I have filed fraud with Bank of America 3 times and have finally had to resort to canceling a visa card to finally stop the fraud and harassment from Angies list referral service. I have now received a letter from collection agencies which states I owe Angies list $200 dollars for past services.
    I have been in Business for 30 years and have yet to stumble on or be conned and cheated and annoyed to this nature, which borders on criminal and fraud.
    How many other small business owner have suffered the same type of harassment case such as mine and are there any attorneys willing to open a class action suit against Angies list if so please contact me.
    It not the money I am concerned with it’s the fraud which goes far beyond the measurement in money in true and honest business practices.
    Kirk Giordano

  67. russ says:

    What a bunch of fucken liars on Angies List.

  68. Donald Streicher says:

    Haven’t had much success getting contractors through them (better with Service Magic) and now they’ve started calling my home phone to ask me about reviewing contractors (apparently they don’t get enough reviews). After the 2nd call in under a week I decided it was time I reviewed Angie…… poorly.

    • Mo says:

      Go into your account settings and remove the option to be phoned. I didn’t know I could do that until someone (not from Angie’s List!) told me. The calls stopped. You can also remove the option to receive their Big Deal offers via email.
      I haven’t had much success getting contractors through them, either. You’re not alone.

  69. Pingback: Thinking of Ignoring Angie’s List? It’s Time to Think Again | InternetReputation.com Review

  70. Ugh. I joined AL for a year. Wasn’t much impressed with what I found, and the email spam (and for a while) phones calls asking me for reviews were truly ANNOYING. I figured “oh well” at the end of the year it will expire and that will be that. Well STUPID ME, I didn’t realize that Angie’s list was set to automatically renew me until I received an email TODAY – NOT from Angie’s List, but from Paypal letting me know that that have “sent payment” to Angie’s List as of today for my renewal. I have immediately gone to the Contact Angie’s List section to tell them to please cancel my subscription immediately. From what others have said I don’t have high hopes for getting that money back. I found on AL that “Your cancellation request must be received no later than 5 pm on the day prior to any scheduled renewal payment date”. With all of the constant emails they send you, you would think that ONE of them would be a notice that your account is going to be renewed on XXX date (I get this for other online services such as my Norton antivirus protection). Nice of them to not let you know that you are being renewed and charged. The only notification I received was from Paypal – not from AL. I’m going to TRY to get my “renewal” money back, but if not – lesson learned not to deal with AL. At least I can guarantee no future withdrawals from AL since I can deny them via Paypal.

    • Well, the response was what I kind of expected.

      “Thanks for contacting us. As you requested, I’ve taken the steps to ensure your account will not be renewed. Keep in mind, your membership is good through 3/9/2014.

      We’re sorry to see you go, though. I apologize for the frustrations your recent automatic renewal caused. We would be happy to offer a 20% courtesy credit to the most recent payment as well as set you to receive an email reminder 30 days before your renewal next year. Let us know if you’d prefer this instead.”

      So basically so sorry – you are renewed for another year – like it or NOT. and WHY would I want an email reminder before my “renewal” next year when I don’t want the “renewal” I just got! I’ve responded that I wish to be fully cancelled – and that I have NO interest in being subscribed through 3/9/2014 at all.

      We’ll see.

      • Mo says:

        Do NOT accept their offer of an email renewal reminder. If you can’t get your current membership cancelled and refunded, insist on their option to be notified *by snail mail* when your membership is coming due. This is essentially an opt-in renewal – they send you a letter, and you either choose to renew, or else the account is cancelled. They don’t tell you about this option, it’s something you have to know about by digging around in their FAQ and account settings. Make sure they email you a confirmation when this snail mail option is registered on your file and keep the email as proof. That way you have something to use with your credit card company for dispute if Angie’s List automatically renews next time without your express permission. Good luck.

  71. Bob says:

    After reading some of the comments I guess I was lucky. I was able to cancel rather easily (at least the person on the chat said I was cancelled). the problem is that I should not have had to do that. I joined for one month to give a company that I liked a review. I repeat, I joined for one month. Then I found out that they renewed my membership without asking. No reputable company does that. Let me repeat that. No reputable company does that. I guess that is the key. Angies list is not what I would call a reputable company.

  72. Dan says:

    You provide good customers with bad contractors if I was anybody viewing this I would not call or hire ACB construction to do any of your work I have seen his work and to many corners get cut and things are done wrong. Plus he does plumbing and electric work and is not liscensed to do either so my best advice to you is do not hire his services you won’t be satisfied

  73. I am curious to find out what blog system you have been utilizing?
    I’m having some small security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find
    something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

  74. alprazolam says:

    I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this webpage on regular basis to obtain updated from newest gossip.

  75. Bill says:

    Here’s a good one.. I joined last year for some dirt cheap price after 40% off and Paypal discount. I removed the Paypal charge authorization so they could not auto-renew me. Then got an email from them last month offering a $25 Shell gift card for $5 (they had previously sent me an offer for a similarly priced Lowes card that I miss). I figured it was a great deal and I’d finally get some value out of my membership (although I did find the reviews to be somewhat useful). I happened to be checking my credit card today and noticed a $29 pending charge from Angies List. It turns out that as a result of my using that card to pay for the gift card, they kept it on my account and used it to pay for my renewal! So rather than the $5 off being some sort of good deal for members, it was actually a ploy to get me to give them my credit card number so they could renew my membership! I feel stupid now for not having used a prepaid card with no money left on it for the purchase of the gift card.

    • Jason says:

      LOL this is so funny, after reading all these review I will be Shorting there Stock. Why would people pay for the service when you can just google it?

  76. Dan says:

    Terrible site. The web site seems to be designed to discourage reporting of business that ignore requests for service.

    When the user clicks on “no” in the “Did the company/individual perform services?” field, the questions should end there, but they don’t. It STILL demands service date, how much was spent, description of service, how it went overall, address where work was performed, etc. It’s a huge waste of time.

  77. My experience with Angies is another nightmare of a story! I am a very small business owner and have been hurt by the Google changes. For years I turned down advertising opportunities with Angies list because they were expensive and did not need them. But since the Google changes I lost a lot of new business and one day I was visiting Angie’s list site and when i got off the site within just a few minutes guess who calls, yes Angie’s list. Well i got talked into joining out of my desperation for new business. One week after I saw my listing under the more well known contractors and quickly realized that it was going to be a long term journey to to get reviews. I had only 3 relevant reviews that were in association with my site and others had hundreds of reviews. I was let to believe that i would get business right away, and thought I could pay as I go.

    But I tried to cancel and they said yes. Buy then they charged my credit card twice of 208.00 each. Then they said cancellation fee was 35% of the total bill. In the meanwhile I had contested the first charge, and the next month I contested the second charge and my credit card Discover do not block any company from changing even if you have a dispute with company.

    Last month I even got a new account number and card and yes they even charged on it. Thanks credit card company for protecting your customers. Yesterday I got my bill and see the 35% kicked in and not the total bill is $1134.73. I was forced to close my charge account. I called Angie’s List today and they are very smug about it all. I all but begged her to resend some of the charges. They prey on vulnerable people. I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. What a scam! I feel so betrayed by this company and the two months of advertising they say I had reaped zero! They are unethical heartless people, someone said mafia like and that is is. Ha

    Has anyone thought of doing a class action suite against this company? Thomas Ward is the person who signed me up and the account manager is Ashley Springer. There I put it out there!

  78. It makes me feel good that I just reported Angie’s List to the Better Business Bureau. I don’t trust the BBB either!

  79. John Guy says:

    Angie’s list is awful. If you write a poor review of a company, it is BURIED so that it is hard to find, particularly if that particular company spends a lot on their advertising. We had Butel Construction do some horrible work for us, and our review was buried. I called to complain but was given an excuse. Believe me, I cancelled. If you think about it, the whole concept is ridiculous anyway. You can get some better, honest references just through word of mouth, the way it’s been done for years.

    Angie’s list does suck.

  80. H S says:

    Angies List is no better than all the other internet spammers. I bet I have sent email request 10 times to remove me from heir email list AND I STILL GET THEIR EMAILS ALMOST EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! They deserve no better than the companies they knock!.

  81. Will Shakespeare says:

    There are too many holes in the AL business model. It’s all about collecting fees from the consumer.

  82. mike guy says:

    I am a business owner with almost a perfect grade on Angie’s list but I won’t pay them so nobody ever see me they get showed other company’s in the area they called and asked me for $2400 a year I said no then $1800 a year I still said no so now I have to push F12 then click browser mode IE10 then click internet explorer 10 compatibility view then I can see my own sight . so try that and you can see the guys who don’t pay but have better ratings …I would put my company name on here but ..I would probably get some bad reviews from angie and her crew

  83. Beverly Jeffries says:

    Angie’s List will go into your bank account without your permission or authorization and take monthly payments after you have cancelled the account. BEWARE of signing up for a monthly account.

  84. Greg Anderson says:

    the funny thing about this whole posting is that none of you have credibility to what you are saying. Angie’s List has provided me years of reliable service. I have been able to find contractors and painters to do quality work. I paid a fee to join the site because i dont trust the general public that use yelp. I moved to a new city, bought a new house, and didnt know who else to use. I found a mechanic that did the same quality work for my moms car at 1/3 the cost that ford did. I dont think many of you understand the purpose of angie’s list. It is intended for people that actually need to have work done that want opinions from people that have spent the same type of dollar amount. If all of you were so good at research on the internet, which is why you’re here, you probably dont need Angie’s List. But for the people that dont want to waste the time search through all the other crap on the internet and want somewhere that they can go and actually read good, well written opinions, Angie’s List is there. And yes, people can pay to be diamond certified, BBB certified, moved to the top of the list of Google no matter what kind of work they do.

    Test it. Go and do a search for flooring in whatever city you live in and see what comes up. maybe some products, maybe some low end website, but what else do you see. Look further into the websites and click on testimonials/feedback section. Dont you think those are filtered by the business owners themselves. I mean come on. Go join yelp if you want to complain about a company, join Angie’s List if you want to find someone that can do work.

    And a message to the guy who worked for the SSA winner 4 years in a row and was doing illegal things. It was not your boss that was the problem, it was you. Arent codes, certifications, and licenses important for you to obtain and operate under? you’re worse than a bank my friend.

    • Steven says:

      Ha Ha Learn proper grammar. “credibility to what you are saying.”? That doesn’t even make sense. People have to pay taxes of all sorts. Credit card and banking fees also. Not to mention insurance and many many other expenses to run a business. Do you really think they should pay a company to do nothing, but list what other people say about them? Especially when there is no way, anyone will ever verify if these are all the reviews, or if they are even in any way factual? Remember when you pay to get your roof done, somebody is paying and extra 3% to credit card processors, someone is paying for all the employees taxes and wages and benefits, someone is paying for the insurance. These are costs of running a business and business owners do not pay for any of it. These are costs passed down to the consumers. Angie’s List extorting money from your local businesses is the same as if the extortion were happening to you ” the consumer”. Don’t think this is someone else’s problem. It’s your problem. What makes things worse, is that your hiked up bill for your new roof, is to pay for your roofer’s Angie’s List blackmail, even if you’ve never heard of Angie’s List! Luckily for me. I am no idiot and never have or ever will be interested in partaking in such scams. Clearly any business that seeks to make a profit off giving advise of consumers to other consumers without any way to fact check is not only ridiculous but immoral and should be sued for slander and fraud. IMHO. But what do I know. I’m just some guy with common &%$@*#^ sense! ROTFLMFAO!

      • Steven says:

        Since I am bored and I know a lot of you will be scratching your head trying to put 1 & 2 together, I will explain.
        1. The cost of extortion will be passed on to the consumer. “YOU”
        2. Accepting money to post a positive review which is most likely only partially if in any way is true is Defrauding the general public.
        3. Accepting money to post a negative add which is most likely exaggerated by an angry customer or completely false from their competitors is defamation and slander.
        4. Putting an advertiser ahead of someone with better reviews is misleading, immoral and most likely fraudulent behavior.
        5. Forcing an advertiser to pay more for the same service or punishing them through reviews is fraudulent to the customer and extortion and possibly slanderous to the business owner.
        I could go on and on but anyone who reads this far and still uses Angie’s List will never be talked out of their idiocy.

    • I agree with you Greg Anderson

      I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

  85. Michael says:

    Angie’s list is a total scam. I personally know a plumber who pays $22,000 a year to be included as a “preferred vendor” on Angie’s list. Angie’s list IS a pay for advertisement contrary to television ads which say that you cannot pay to be on Angie’s list. False advertisement. I am looking into filing a complaint with the proper office that would handle this type of complaint. Wow, how can they advertise falsely on television.

    • I disagree,

      I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

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  87. Susan Porter-Overton says:

    I’m going to have a field day with this I’m afraid and am quite sure I will. enjoy myself! We’re shall I begin?…

  88. weaselspleen says:

    My biggest problem with Angie’s List is that there are reviews so obviously fake and completely absurd that nobody could possibly take them seriously, and they do nothing to clean them up.
    When a contractor is given a negative review and in the review itself they say it’s because he wouldn’t let his daughter date the reviewer, how on earth does that review stay on the site for years?

  89. Site says:

    Great article. I am experiencing some of these issues as well.

  90. I quite like reading through an article that will make
    men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing for me
    to comment!

  91. Jordan says:

    I joined Angie’s List because I’m a contractor needing to network with other contractors. I found a guy who had an A+ rating on AL and contacted him about completing a job for me because I’m not licensed in that particular field. The guy came out and gave me a verbal quote of $1700 and then sends me a written quote via email 2 days later for $4300. Con man !!!!!! AL will only let a user leave a review if they actually used the contractors service. I didn’t use his service, so I can’t leave a review and warn others about his unethical behavior without violating their terms of service – which I won’t do because I take pride in my ethics. This makes AL a pretty unreliable and valueless service, in my opinion.

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  98. FiveNine says:

    I was so appalled by their original round of advertising a few years ago — you know, the ad about the plumber or electrician or whatever who came to the house to do his job, the owners left him there (?) with their dog way too long, and he took the dog out for a walk so it could relieve itself. This ad ran forever, it was everywhere, and it was appalling. Angie’s List not only thought this was an exceptional ad in itself, Angie’s List implied that this was the kind of review you’d find. Of course it’s beyond appalling that the supposed great review had nothing to do whatsoever with the actual job for which the contractor was hired (nevermind liability for taking anything off the property, much less a living being), and that it’s even reasonable for people hiring such workers to now expect them to do this as par for the course. Seriously. It made such an impression on me I still cannot get over it.

  99. Bess T. says:

    Wow, I just joined Angie’s List after a google search for bike shops. The site claimed they had 8 reviews for shops in my town, but of course I had to sign up to access the reviews. After creating an account (and they require a phone number, ugh — if I start getting telemarketing calls I’ll know exactly why), I found there were not really any reviews for a bike shop within even 2 hours of me. I only found 3 reviews for bike shops in my entire state, and none of them provided any useful information! Realizing I had been duped and that this site wasn’t going to be helpful to me in my rural area, I set about trying to cancel my membership. What a pain! I just kept getting directed to a customer service chat. I just wanted to close my account, what is there to chat about? Finally, with no other options, I gave it shot, but the customer service gal just kept stringing out the chat, asking for feedback and coaxing me to stay. Again, what a pain! I finally gave up — no idea how to get your account closed on this site, but I certainly won’t be using it. I am just kicking myself for ever joining.

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  101. erskin says:


  102. Michael says:

    JUST CANCELLED MEMBERSHIP with Angielist OMG WHY CANT THEY JUST HAVE A CANCEL MEMBERSHIP LINK??? I had to call and talk to some idiot and then some crappy automated message. What a waste of money they were. DONT BOTHER USING THEM

  103. Paul says:

    Angies list is a scam. They will allow a consumer to post a bad remark about your company without even checking it out. If another company wants to hurt another business, just join angies list and post negative comments about them and angies list will post them without any proof !!!!!!!! Good job ANGIE

  104. Tex says:

    If you are a company please avoid posting your company information on Angieslist . Unethical people can badly review your business and make complete incorrect statements. For example a person can join and complain about your business even if they were not a member at time of service. . A person can demoralize your business and your only defense is to shut up and take it . Angieslist is in bed with the unethical person that pays them money . Beware and avoid this flawed system because it truly is a pay to play system.

  105. Stacey says:

    I can’t believe people would pay for such a ludicrous service! Americans will fall for anything, even making some broad named Angie richer so she can get quarterly face lifts!

  106. April Joehlin says:

    So much of what was said is BS!! I’m a business on Angies List.I have a couple of negative reviews & and still have lads of members calling me &I get the business.Members DO NOT have to pay to submit a review.So wherever you got your info from you better check again!! I love having my business on Angies List and my clients love being a member!

    • I agree with you April (sheepel) Joelin,

      I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

  107. I am a small cleaning service that is very good and ethical. I get mostly A ratings but today I got an F from a member for not returning a phone call that I missed because I was in the field cleaning for someone who was out sick. I’m starting not to like this at all. They charge me $167 per month for a listing and of course, I can be a “Premiere service provider” ( or whatever they call it) for an additional cost of over $200. I’m not at all sure how I feel about this. I’ve also had reviews from people who have never contacted me and we have have never cleaned for. How does that happen?

    • D Robinson says:

      First, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. We hope that our professionalism, integrity and honesty will help you in making the decision to hire us.
      My Views on Angie’s List

      Angie’s List (AL) is a ONE sided company. We were Service Providers (SP) up until October 13, 2014 but no longer hold that position as Angie’s List has made the decision to “excluded us from category and keyword searches and maintain our ineligibility to advertise or obtain a Super Service Award”. This decision was made through the Angie’s List SP Integrity Department because we “stood up” for our Company by responding to a review that was recently placed on our page.

      AL states that they have an open forum when it comes to reviews, however that is a COMPLETE & BLATANT lie. AL allows the Members to write whatever they want, whenever they want and about whomever (SP) they want even if it is NOT the truth.

      Example #1
      If A Member states that they called a SP and that SP did not return the call, AL permits that Member to write an “F” review…

      Example #2
      Members are allowed to upload pictures along with their review, but what do the SP get? Oops, nothing! SP are only allowed to reply to the review in writing but at NO TIME are SP allowed to upload any before and after pictures.

      Example #3
      Member’s Refund… SP do not deal with refunds if we have not performed any work. That is the SOLE responsibility of AL. A few times we have had to provide refunds directly through AL for different reasons, (scheduling problems or project not under our “scope of work”) but did you know that Member Services will tell the Member that they HAVE TO provide an “C-F” rating for a refund? Yes, that is correct! A Member MUST provide an “C-F” rating in order to escalate their refund request… So in the meantime, the SP’s overall rating and reputation are damaged while AL verifies information from both parties, (sometimes this can take weeks) so in the meantime, if another Member views our profile, they view these “F” ratings.

      Example #4
      Members are permitted to write a review on a SP even though it is the wrong Company they are writing a review about. Yes, this has happened several times. Members have called in or emailed a review on L&D Renovations when we don’t even know of this Member. In fact, after receiving a recent “F” review, we contacted AL and explained that the Member made a mistake in the SP’s name, but nothing was done. We had to actually visit this Member’s home only to find out that this Member DID hire a SP (Not us) and when she requested a review form to fill out, AL emailed her one with our name on it. Not noticing that the SP name was incorrect, she completed the review and submitted same. It is too late now, but it took us to drive to her home and request that the Member retract her review. Again, AL did NOTHING! It’s pretty sad that we had to take time out of our busy schedule to track down a Member to save our ASS!

      Example #5
      The last ‘F” review, dated September 30, 2014 was the review that made us write “Our View On Angie’s List”. This Member lied throughout his entire review and AL did nothing to stop it. When we called him “out on it”, that is when L&D Renovations’ contract was terminated. He stated the following but “for some unknown reason” this Member’s review has been deleted however our response is still up for Members to view… I guess, he figured out that he was caught in several lies.

      Member Comments: I called to find out if they were available they said they could go over the house, give a price and then go to work the next day. My fear was because they had a $250 coupon that there rates would be jacked up to give the appearance they where giving you a discount. Prior to them coming we had gotten prices from both Lowe’s and Home depot to we had an idea. There charges would have been 3 times the amount the store would have charged me. So much for coupons and deals, it would have worked out to over $100 hour per worker. good money. . I was strange when I asked if I should buy the coupon on line she was insisted that they would just give me the discount and not to worry purchasing it on line with Angies?? strange. We refused to do work with them, it they can’t be trusted with the little things how could you trust them with the big things… Beware of folks barring gifts, be a smart consumer and know what other charge. !!!!!


      Members pay a annual fee $40.00 (sometimes changes), but did you know how much a SP pays? Thousands a month! To upload our SP’s information without any advertising, that’s free. Advertising rates depend upon what the SP wants… (We have paid $60 – $160 per month) Now for the Member’s Big Deals, that is where the fees go “through the roof”. Those fees range from 25% – 50%… (The most we have paid is 40%)… Oh, but wait… SP can not offer Big Deals unless we advertise. You see Members, when you buy a big deal, we DO NOT get all of the money… Yes, that is correct. When a Member purchases a Big Deal, the credit card information is given DIRECTLY to AL. We, the SP do not see that information WHATSOEVER!

      Example #1
      A Member purchases a Big Deal for $149.00; SP only receives $89.40

      Example #2
      A Member purchases a Big Deal for $250.00 for $500.00 worth of labor; SP only receives $150.00

      Example #1
      A Member purchases a coupon for $1000.00 for an interior paint project ; SP only receives $750.00

      Now, with all that said, I would like to state that AL’s concept works. Members have saved money, while, yes we the SP’s also made money, however it is time that Members know what truly goes on “behind closed door”. AL’s only takes care of their Members. Angie herself should realize that without her SP’s she wouldn’t have the business (money) she has now. Yes, she also needs Members, however Angie is not “laughing all the way to the bank” from the Member’s money, it is the SP fees that help her do that.

      Oh, and SP’s can’t even talk or email Angie directly. We do not have the right to know or are NOT important enough for that.

      We know that not all people act in the same manner and most Homeowners realize that some projects do not “go as planned” so after reading our “Views”, we would like to thank you by offering you 10% discount off our Labor (up to $250.00). You can also save on other projects by visiting our coupons page.

      Coupons expire December 31, 2014
      Only Good For Orange Osceola & Seminole Counties (Florida)

  108. THANKS ANGIE!!!

    I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!

  109. Steff says:

    I get calls two to three times a week from the sales people trying to get me to sign up for their “deal of the month” where they promote your business, even after I’ve told them I’m not interested numerous times. I have a bad review from a self entitled customer that wanted the service I provide for a cut rate price and they still hound me. I wish my company had never been put on there. Most of my customers come from “real references” and word of mouth. And to the businesses that are thinking about putting your company on their website be aware that you can NOT be taken off of Angie’s List! They own your reviews and your company will be on there forever! I don’t even take customers from Angie’s List anymore because I find them to be looking for the company that will work for nothing just so they don’t get a bad review. It’ s pathetic how people will hold Angie’s List over companies heads to get something for nothing. Angie’s List will not get rid of the bad reviews even if your company did nothing wrong. I work really hard and put a lot of heart into my business and one customer can come along and pull the rug out from underneath it! It’s just pathetic and sad.

  110. Newman says:

    Incredible,…people are starting to catch on to Angies little scam. Lets make this perfectly clear. Angie and her “list” is being generated without any correct validation, and the staff is poorly educated in “laws” that relate from State to State regarding remarks, reviews, advice, or any other practice that can get you into a heap of trouble. We begin to wonder if Angie’s List would create a “list” of companies that have improved or made whole whatever thier negative complaints, or causes were. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THERE LIVELYHOOD DESTROYED AND HAVE TO REBUILD due to misleading, and malicious “semi” reporting from Angie….while she steadily rakes in revenue from people that pay for this information, when they should simply check references, BBB, go see work, history of company etc…this is all free, and people are sitting back letting Angie’s list “play”on the consumers fear’s of being taken.
    We have several companies, and Angie gave us a “black eye” with out ever taking into consideration the events that led up to the closure of our business, along with many others. It really is a shame, and we, now that we have the funds, are networking with others, to prepare a lawsuit against Angies List. This organization does more bad than good, and really should be shut down.
    Furthermore, it will be ours, and others pursuit to make consumers aware that there is “no” real way to improve upon being business “savy”…but to USE YOUR HEAD, DONT RUSH, TALK WITH CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, ETC…we have resources, use them.
    Considering printing up sign’s that say “ANGIES LIST PRINT’S LIES”…that is more fitting.
    A man at our church told us that he went out on a date, and a woman saw a bad business review from over 6 years ago on this man, who by the way had “CANCER” when all this went down, but nonetheless she did not want to see this man any longer???? What??? are you kidding me???
    It goes on and on….totally pathetic.

    • Bill says:

      So it sounds like you did rip off your customers, but you claim there was a good excuse? Do you blame other review sites like Yelp for reviews that customers post there? Do you actually have a good rating with the BBB for whatever you did to your customers? Or do they accept your excuses and say it’s OK? What exactly are you going to sue Angie’s List for? Posting factual reviews from consumers that you say you had an excuse for?

      It’s almost funny since most complaints I have read about Angie’s List is that they cater too much to the businesses in terms of keeping bad reviews off the site.

      In any event, it seems like you have a problem with stuff getting posted on the Internet in general and that it lives forever. Get used to it, it’s here to stay.

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  113. Opie says:

    AngiesList refuses to delete, modify, or discourage bad reviews. I know this because I’m a contractor for them. I have tried to get unfair reviews deleted with no success. That said they do post reviews that are from another metro area to fatten their database of reviews, leaving the members to feel those reviews are local.

  114. Tom says:

    I just dont trust them after all I have read.

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  116. John says:

    Angies list is absolutely bogus. They are competing with contractors. How can they be reviewing contractors when they themselves are competing against you. They get a small one or two man contractor , negotiate an incredibly low price for some work like $49 for refinishing your 100 sqft. of hardwood floors and this deal is only valid if you sign for the work (not subscription but work) through angies list, and then they list their preferred contractor who has one or two reviews with them which is A++++++, , just started their business about 6 months back.. So basically they are screwing the start up contractor who just paid to advertise to get business (who has no clue what it takes to run a business) and then they go to consumer for giving reviews about contractors and collect from them too. So they are making money on the advertising from the contractor, subscription from the consumer and a percentage of the deal from the contractor for using their name. I had a fellow contractor (small guy has a A+++++ rating with Angies list) who spends $20000 in advertising with Angies list,, apparently gets a lot of referral work through angies but cannot pay his workers because he just doesn’t make enough to cover the cost of his job. The money flows out faster than it flows in.

    These bums must be sued for conflict of interest. If they are giving reviews stay out of the business and make money on subscription. If you as a contractor get a bad rating they contact you to respond and in the interim ask you to subscribe to increase your rating with them. they ask you to give them your database of customers so they can compare your database with their’s to see if any of your clients are their’s too and if they are they can contact them on your behalf get a good review. Quiet smart !,, So if you are dumb and give them your database they have your database of leads which now they can use for marketing.

    There are similar companies who charge contractors for the leads by taking a percentage for the deals, So you can pay anywhere between 10 -15% of the deal., but they act as a liason between the contractor and the homewoner and earn their keep (almost like construction management) Angies list takes the cake they camouflage themselves as a consumer reporting agency and in reality screws the contractor, and the consumer . and tries to come out on the top. A Class Action lawsuit awaits these jokers. They are truly a bait for consumers.

    • mark says:

      I am an electrical contractor in Penn (US). One man operation, honest and very fair in pricing. Won award for best electrician in the town/city. BUT I don’t want to be on Angie’s List; why, because it gives the consumer a false sense of security. I even tell my customers that if they are an Angie’s List customer not to post anything about my service. I go by “word of mouth” for 95% of my business income and the balance from my website which I maintain myself.

      I don’t like Angie’s List tactics. I was reviewing a blog on their site where so-called licensed electricians (that they recommend) are giving consumers safety tips etc. MyGod!! where did some of these electricians get their licenses and how are they able to keep their insurance and why are they on Angie’s List. If this is the type of work performance that Angie’s List promotes; let it fall through the bottom of the earth and past that.

      Becoming an electrician took a lot of work for me. I went to school and became certified (not saying learning from Dad or Grandpa isn’t just as good) but I had no one to teach me. I take good care of my customers and also new ones. Example: I had a call at 10:30 at night on a Sunday for no power for a furnace and raced out to the home. They had kids and the house was cold. Took me about one hour and success. The owner asked me how much and I said $30; she almost fell over, sure I probably could have got $100 easily. But that is how I run my business. No this is not a tactic so she will call me again and then I can slam her with a big price. She passes my name on to her friends and that is how I make my money with referrals. I also do large jobs such as service entrances far below market value; why, because if the service entrance is dangerous or the electrical panel is dangerous I work out a payment with the customer at a price they can handle and do the work to help them out. YES; have even done one for FREE labor to help out an elderly couple.

      But for my company to be listed on Angie’s List I have to have at least two reviews from members. What a crock!! Yes they have to sign up on Angie’s to create a review which means they have to pay to sign up. Sure you can write a review on Angie’s for free but it does not help the ranking of the contractor (says so in very small print – if you can find it). So who needs them.

      The only persons that Angie’s List cares about for real are the people whose pockets are lined. If you need a good contractor, doctor etc ask around; speak to people you know, don’t pay to look at a list of contractors, read their reviews (which can be faked) and make a bad choice. My customers are happy with me and I drive away from my jobs with a sense that I have done well, helped someone out and they are safe. I can walk around town with my head up and people know me and how good I am; I don’t need some dumb website like Angie’s telling them and charging them.

  117. Abigail says:

    As a consumer, I have never been asked to write a review, positive or negatve, on Angie’s list. Everyone who gets a negative review is allowed to respond free of charge. This sounds like sour grapes

    • Donna Davis says:

      Read some of the other comments. Rebuttals only work if Angie’s List is paid by the person getting the bad review. Sounds like blackmail to me. Also, competitors can pay to have someone write a bad review! Happened to a contractor friend of mine. This whole judge, jury and executioner tactic of Angie’s List smells to high heaven of gestapo tactics.

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  119. GoForReviews says:

    Yes. Angies’ s list asked people to write three reviews and give them $20.

    the worse part is after they got your reviews and they refused to pay you. They will find some reason about that one of your reviews is about the doctors that not on their review list, etc… Cheaters, keep away from them.
    How can you trust the reviews they bought from people???

  120. John says:

    I am a small business owner and have “won” the covenant Super Service Award for 8 years straight. Angie’s List is a scam to both the consumer and the business. If you can afford to advertise with them, you MUST offer a discount to members…it’s not optional. Furthermore, say you have the more positive reviews than your competition in your geographical area, you can still appear at the bottom of the list or non appear at all if you chose not to shell out 4 figures a month to “advertise”. Members think because a company appears first on the list or in the book, they are the highest rated. That’s not the case. Those company’s were willing to pay more for that spot. I could care less if AL closed its doors tomorrow. There is no ROI from it anymore.

  121. Mark says:

    Maybe what someone should do is get an investigative reporter involved to dig into their practices and break them open for the fraud they are. Extreme case of consumer sense of false security.

    Yes, you would figure or actually expect that the more reviews you have the higher you would be on the list. And furthermore, being forced to offer a discount – our absurd to say the least. I don’t even offer discounts; why because my prices are low to begin with and in my book I can not justify charging a good customer a price of $xxx.xx for doing work and then just because someone comes to me from Angie’s List or a senior for a senior discount for someone I have never done work for before and changing them less than a good customer of mine; NO WAY!! I charge veryone the same (roundabout) price. Doing that is almost the same as being a good customer of a large company for a long time (like a cable TV company) and spending hundreds of dollars for years with them. The only time the cable TV company offers a discount is for NEW customer and not applied to existing; AH !! I say “hey I spent thousands of dollars for your service over the past few years and you offer so person a discount that has not even proven if they will pay their bill just to get their business” – I say “horse-hockey” to that. My customers are my lively-hood. They can even call me if they have a question and I don’t charge them to answer it or make some big deal about how I have to justify a trip to their house and then charge them for it. Nope!!

    • lyle says:

      Been in business years and get my first review on Angies List. It is a great review from a customer I saved 100’s thinking of a better way to do what they needed at office then did 2 of their homes. Next thing I know these crooks who want to compete with me leave a false review and say it happened on a day I didn’t even work. They had already been busted leaving 3 on Google. I alerted AL and they sent to default emails with the basic response. Finally like 2 weeks later after angrily contacting demanding a response from a real person I am told they verified the review and it is legit. They are frauds.

  122. Ervin says:

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  123. lyle says:

    Complete SCAM. Their shareholder are suing them because they are crooks. Reviews you can trust? I hope these crooks don’t last another 6 months, its a rip off like Yelp and Google has it’s issues too when it comes to reviews and the way they do business.

  124. Timber says:

    just so this is the first thing you read here…

    Use social media against them.. and do it for free!!!
    EVERY chance you get post and repost this or other things that are true of course and eventually it will hurt them! By the way they also collect emails and other things from you without you knowing or authorizing it!
    I totally agree!!! We operate a small construction company in SC and had got a review so we decided to check it out. Surprise it was a bad one from a customer that we tried many times to make happy (even losing money doing so) but could not. They wrote things that were just not true and was kind of under handed about it. When I called AL about it and offered proof, they didnt want it. They said it was their opinion against mine but guess what?? I could counter act it by having all of the good customers write in. So being the dope I am I did. Oh and by the way, when I threatened them with a slander lawsuit they told me that would not be in a good interest in doing so that it could damage my long term profile for any future customers.
    They almost dared me! Every time I see those stupid commercials on TV and the Fake angie it makes me mad!!! I told them that one day they would cross someone who would have enough money to take it to their a$$ for slander and deformation. I know that one day it will crash down on them and I will cheer it on! What goes around comes back around!

  125. Timber says:

    Somebody might contact Rush Limbaugh too and let him know. He is reping crooks!

  126. Cindy Stuart says:

    Angie’s List – Dishonest contractor Randy Clouse of Texas. Worst mistake I ever made was letting Randy Clouse on my property. He ruined Doors, window sills, ceiling, carpet and many other things. Avoid any business with Randy Clouse.

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  128. Brian starkey says:

    You hit that nail right on the head. I just sent them a message about how they sold out to consumerism with the idea of trying to help the consumer. Helping people is a act of charity .when you try to cash in on it negates the whole purpose.it is as bullshit as a act of charity for the purpose of a tax right off .it’s funny how a good deed can be twisted by greed. Looks like another middle man trying to butt
    In to get there cut between small business and the consumer.

    • charlie says:

      The CONCEPT of true consumer feedback was what drew me in. Sometimes you cannot find a personal referral. BUT I hadn’t factored in the ways businesses could create false glowing reviews. That never occurred to me. Also my main issue is that the site does not have much useful info and the ads are misleading about this! The billing practice amounts to THEFT imo … auto-renew indeed. I was looking for actual consumer feedback which would be useful. What I got was a headache.

  129. champ says:

    Man….Angie sounds like she should keep to being a home maker or wrecker which ever applies.

  130. charlie says:

    I had a need to get consumer opinions regarding a medical specialist in my area. I wasn’t worried about formally filed medical complaints to the licensing agency but rather customer / patient response. I sincerely wish I had researched A.L. prior to paying to join because they OBVIOUSLY had much less information regarding this provider than i found on a general google search. Oddly, the ONLY review on AL was a suspiciously overly enthusiastic review which I found verbatim several other (free) places on line. I AM SERIOUSLY discouraged by the sparse information on services other than home improvement. Also I’m HORRIFIED to learn after paying for the subscription that bad reviews are forwarded to the service provider – does this include details of who left the bad review? THIS reporting back to the unsatisfactory provider seems dangerous and automatically means the reviews are not as honest as they would be with anonymity. I’m so disgusted I paid for this and I fear I’m going to have the same extortion auto renewal fee issues I’m reading about now. DON’T JOIN THIS SERVICE…even if it didn’t already feel shady and dishonest, which it DOES, there is not enough info to make it a wise use of money! AVOID IT.

  131. Derrrp says:

    Has anyone besides me ever noticed that Angie Hicks has an uncanny resemblance to Derpina from Rage Comics?

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  135. Joe says:

    I remember years ago when Angie’s list first started. We got continuous email reminders to add our favorite businesses. We lived in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh back then. We listed a lot of businesses as we thought it was a good idea. We retired and moved to the mountains and continued doing so, restaurants, the place that fixes our car, etc.. Then all of a sudden we get hit with a fee to continue using the service. What happened to the advertising paying ? Many people like us were used to start and build the service by our listings and reviews. Once she got built up to where she didn’t need us, she charges a fee to the one’s who made her what she is. Realistically, you can go to most yellow pages online and get reviews. You can check out business through the BBB. If your not intelligent enough to do that, pay the fee,

  136. biscuit says:

    Why would any dipshit with more money than time pay for this retarded information, its a total pyramid scheme. Just go to the phone book, grab a pen and dial some numbers,, get some info, use your head and make a decision, anyone that would pay to write a good review would be the business, because thats how advertising works. I remember I had visited the site some years back and I was under the impression you had to pay to read the reviews, but still, that is just as dumb, I was amazed that ,ten years after I heard about them they had a commercial. Hmm strange

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  142. Donna Davis says:

    Had a contractor friend who had a competitor arrange poor reviews! How’s that for snuffing the competition? In this country we believe in justice and trial by jury, not a witch hunt from companies like Angie’s List that makes The Salem Witch hunts look tame!

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  147. seabumb says:

    Angie’s List company will phone you with survey’s and questionnaires repeatedly, even when asking them to NEVER do this and to remove your name and number from their call list. I did not PAY so that they could repeatedly wake me up (I work nights, sleep days) multiple times a week with automated calls requesting reviews for service providers in my area. I did not pay for their harassment. Multiple requests (over 20) for them to stop this practice and they continue to call me. Each VERBAL request made by phoning their ‘customer service’ number (what a joke!) resulted in a promised ‘yes, we will remove you from the call list.’ Each response was a lie.

    Canceling your membership is also a troublesome chore. It cannot be done by simply selecting to cancel within your account. It must be done in writing or by phoning the useless customer service department.

    Personally, I feel that Angie’s List is now only concerned with their profits and not the good will that they claim for the customer. They should be ashamed.

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  153. Patty Coughlin says:

    This review was helpful, but for goodness sake, would you proof your work before publishing?? As a former editor, the mistakes in grammer, sentences that don’t make sense, etc. are embarassing to read, and should be even more embarassing to the author of this. Just to let you know, over the years I have found it best to represrnt yourself in the best possible light. If I were hiring, this author would not even get an interview with if this were presented as a sample writing.

    I’m just sayin’…

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    IT is the WAR ON SMALL BUISNESS and SHE WORKS FOR THE GOVERMENT. IRS, WORTHLESS WORKERS COMP, OSHA and INSURANCE COMPANIES . “THINK ABOUT IT” … A nationwide website to slander small private companies without a rendered decision from a JUDGE in THE COURT OF LAW is unconstitutional, illegal, and is working very well to eliminate millions of small contractors and PRIVATE BUISINESS OWNERS so the biggest will prosper. .. ANGIE POPS UP under every small sector on the first page… [ GOVERNMENT ENGINEERED WEBSITE ] How did this nation get built without ANGIE ? But you notice she has nothing to say about what corporate cheeseburger to eat or what chain to buy from like wallmart or target, Wendy’s or mcdonalds, lowes or home depot, autozone or napa, what insurance is best Angie…. ” WHY NOT ANGIE ” because they would sue and shut it DOWN and so should we. The fact is that she is a GOVERMENT OFFICIAL WORKING TO CREATE MAYHEM FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR. And if these contractors were smart they would nationwide boycott and nationally sue who is involved and any other type of website that may emerge. The fact is that the people and small business are being ripped of by Insurance companies and workers compensation especially in OHIO and I can prove it

    • Alhell says:

      That is an interesting theory, but would appear to be on the fringes of rationality. Yes, small businesses are suffering greatly by larger corporate entities.

      The company does seem to create a toxic relationship between providers and clients. I seriously doubt your premise that it is “government engineered.” I’m simply addressing your view it harms small business. I agree.

      It does dramatically affect small businesses who may not have the resources to “pay to play.” In reality, it seems to favor businesses that can pay ad fess which drives competition down for others that can’t or won’t. The small service providers become wage labors trying to compete in an unsustainable environment. Big players can pay. It appears to be a well engineered racket, intentional or not is hard to say. I think this company will be used as ethics example in the future.

      You can get an unfavorable rating from any source, if you haven’t actually done any work? Really? Reports suggest you can bump your rating for a fee. Both ends of the customer to provider relationship is being leveraged to their advantage. The brokering of services at a reduce rate seems to skim the contractor. If I buy a coupon for a service, the company wants a contractor to reduce their fee, (and) buy the exposure (an ad), Angie’s List gets a percentage of their fee. I can then write a bad review, that can’t be removed, only “bought down.” Who is to say I am who I say I am or can be trusted anymore than anyone else? Because I was foolish enough pay to be a member? I think the contractor should be able to equally rate the reviewer. Not all people are rationale. If you don’t like my estimate go somewhere else. Don’t rate me down. If I can’t answer your call immediately, maybe, just maybe, I’m working and providing excellent services at the time. Don’t rate me down. I think people are becoming wise to scammed reviewers from any source. How do you verify reviewers? Being vigilant.

      Their public presentation and marketing is stellar. They have created the illusion a small town girl, through hard work and determination created a business at 22 that is redefining the review market. She isn’t the CEO, she is a marketing director. She is simply the public face of the company that portrays a charming and attractive female, which she is. Bill Osterle is the CEO, that isn’t presented to the public through media venues, but an established fact on record. Marketing created a mythology around “Girl power” and the American Dream. It is a myth. It proves “If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth.” You simply have to give the Marketing folks credit for creating a good story.

      I don’t see how the company exists with a business model that any rational investor clearly sees as extremely questionable, remains in business. They have never turned a profit. Any profit made is consumed by marketing and operating costs. The majority of the executive team, according to publicly available reports, sell stock regularly, every month and I haven’t see buys. It is bewildering this company is still in business.

      I don’t think they will be acquired because they have no real or appreciable value to their competitors. Database of members? Google, Yelp and Amazon far exceed that. Chump change in comparison. Trademarking thought bubbles and copyrighted slogans? How they remain in business is anyones’s guess.

  157. Richard A Drennan says:

    I encountered the same bs from AL when I confronted them. When you have to pay to leave a review and pay to write a review that can only be one sided for the contractor. Has for them they’re fine the reviews that’s BS. I have seen reviews for contractors that I know are far from reputable. I tried to leave a negative feedback on a contractor and I could not unless I paid to leave the review. The review system for a contractor is nothing but profitable especially if they are a bad contractor. All I can say is do not trust Angie’s list.

    • Mark says:

      What we need to do is get an investigative reporter to crack A-LIST open and expose her for what she is and how she deceives the trusting “paying” consumer and how good reputable contractors are slammed and horrible contractors get away with their slimy practices. Also how the ratings (reviews and rankings) go up on contractors solely because they pay higher fees for advertising. Her commercials infuriate me beyond belief. Wonder if those so called “customers” that appear on the commercials are really customers or paid actors. Wonder also why by law the spot does not have to say that you have to pay to read or write a review.

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